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  1. Default Honeymoon trip May-June.

    Hello all,

    My fiancée and I are getting married in May and we’re planning to make a 28 days Honeymoon trip through the W-US, starting a few days after our marriage.
    We could use some tips to make this trip even more unforgettable.
    We received the planning below from friends who did this trip last year and changed it a bit :-)

    Step 1: San Francisco
    Visit SF
    Step 2: San Francisco – Sequoia (ca. 4h30 drive)
    Drive to Sequoia in the morning.
    Visit Sequoia.
    To hotel in Three Rivers.
    Step 3: Kings Canyon - Yosemite (ca. 3h30 drive)
    Visit Kings Canyon.
    Drive to Yosemite (if there is time: Glacier Point).
    To hotel in Yosemite.
    Step 4: Yosemite
    Visit Yosemite (Valley / Glacier Point)
    Step 5: Yosemite-Bishop (ca. 3h drive)
    Visit Yosemite (Tioga Road).
    Visit Bodie.
    Drive to hotel in Bishop.
    Step 6: Bishop - Death Valley (ca. 3h30 drive)
    Drive to North DV in the morning (N entrance).
    Visit DV. Rhyolite.
    To hotel in Beatty.
    Step 7: Death Valley - Death Valley Junction
    Visit South DV.
    To hotel in DV Junction.
    Step 8: Death Valley Junction - Las Vegas (ca. 2h drive)
    Drive to Las Vegas in the morning. Drive by Mt Charleston and Red Rock Canyon.
    Visit LV.
    Step 9: Las Vegas – Springdale (ca. 3h drive)
    Hoover Dam (Lake Mead)
    Drive to Zion in the early morning, Valley of Fire State Park, visit Zion Canyon.
    Step 10: Sprindale - Bryce Canyon (ca. 2h drive)
    Visit Zion, head to BC (after closing Zion) via Scenic Hwy 9 and then Hwy 89.
    Step 11: Bryce Canyon
    Visit BC.
    Step 12: Bryce Canyon – GC South Rim (ca. 6h drive)
    Do Scenic Hwy12: drive from BC up to Boulder and go back via Hell’s Backbone. Eventually, instead of going to Boulder, go up to Capitol Reef
    On the way to GC: visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Antelope Canyon.
    OR: horse riding or helicopter, followed by Coral Pink Sand Dunes and Antelope Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Navajo Village, Horseshoe bend. Drive to GC South Rim.
    Step 13: GC South Rim
    Step 14: GC South Rim – Peach Springs (ca. 3h drive)
    Visit South Rim.
    Drive to Peach Springs (Route 66)
    Step 15: Peach Springs-Supai
    Hike down to supai and visit waterfalls, stay the night at lodge.
    Step 16: Peach Springs-Supai
    Chopper out in early morning.
    Step 17: Peach Springs – Palm Springs (ca. 5h drive)
    Drive to palm springs (Route 66), Kingman.
    Step 18: Palm Springs
    Step 19: Palm Springs – San Diego (ca. 2.5h drive)
    Step 20: San Diego
    Step 21:
    Step 22:
    Step 23:
    Step 24:
    Step 25:
    Step 26:
    Step 27:
    Step 28:

    We would like to know if the above is doable, considering each step would be a day?

    We have a few days left but I am not sure what we should do next..
    1. After San Diego we could go to Los Angeles + Channel Islands (Is whale watching a good idea in June?)
    2. Keeping San Diego as a final stop but adding Arches NP and Rocky Mountain NP.
    3. Flying from San Diego/LA/.. to Yellowstone NP as this is one of my favorite NP’s (as from what I have read/seen..) Or can we do this by car.. wouldn’t the distance be a problem?
    4. Or any other ideas?

    Thank you in advance,
    Sylvia & Antony.

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    Default Not My Idea of a Honeymoon

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm not sure where you're getting your drive time estimates from. There shorter than even the wildly unrealistic and optimistic estimate from software routines. San Francisco to Three Rivers with a drive through of Sequoia on the way is at least six hours even if you don't do any hiking or even stop to take a photo in the park. The drive from Three Rivers to Yosemite with a stop in Kings Canyon cannot be done in less than 6 even if you don't get stuck behind several trucks, RVs, trailers, etc. And on it goes. Your guesses at times are all about 20-25% to short - Note that means you have to add 33% to what you have to get a better handle on how long these drives are going to take.

    Yeah, even at that your plan is 'doable' although how much fun you'll have driving from place to place while spending little time at the attractions you've struggled so mightily to get to is open to debate. Especially on a honeymoon, your ought to be taking it easy and enjoying one another's company more than this frenetic pace will allow.


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    In addition to what Buck mentioned, it should be noted that there is a rather high likelihood that Tioga Pass won't yet be opened - at least not at the start of your trip. It typically opens in late May or June, so reversing your trip would increase your odds of that being open

    I'll also note that you don't spend any time at all exploring the Pacific Coast Highway. It could make a lot of sense to close the loop and just make this a round trip. However, I would first rework several segments so you actually have time to explore many of the parks that you'll only have time to drive through on your current pace - due to the fact you are using drive time estimates that are wildly optimistic.

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    Default Ditto

    I agree with what has already been said. Michael's idea of completing the loop and leaving Yosemite untill towards the end of the trip is a good call. It is a little hurried in places, too much so in other places. For instance "step 12" from Bryce to Capitol Reef and to the Grand canyon via Hells backbone Rd is just not possible. The Backbone alone will take around 2.5 hours to complete, but as a gravel Rd will most likely be in breach of your rental agreement, as could the road into Bodie ghost town be.

    You can complete the loop, adding the coastal route to your list, perhaps using 4 day's to do so, and then I would build your other 4 day's available into what you have already, and enjoy your time.
    From Capitol Reef you could continue to Hanksville and then down to 'Mexican hat' via the Moki dugway, then through Monument valley to GC.

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    Step 7: Death Valley - Death Valley Junction
    Visit South DV.
    To hotel in DV Junction.
    The only hotel in DV Junction that I'm aware of is the Amargosa Opera House, and I understand that it's not a good place to stay. You would be better off heading into Pahrump or even all the way to LV.

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    Thank you all for the replys.

    We are aware that the 'timestamps' are not correct. those were mere indications from google maps as this is the first time we plan to trip a vacation like this. :-)
    We indeed have some time left as per my above post, they will be placed in between parks to have a descent time to travel/stop/walk/enjoy the trip.

    The Tioga Pass is indeed something we'll check and if needed end the trip with Yosemite.

    You can complete the loop, adding the coastal route to your list, perhaps using 4 day's to do so, and then I would build your other 4 day's available into what you have already, and enjoy your time.
    From Capitol Reef you could continue to Hanksville and then down to 'Mexican hat' via the Moki dugway, then through Monument valley to GC.
    I do have a question concerning the 4 days to complete the route. What do you suggest we visit in those 4 days? Can we plan a trip to the Channel Islands? I suppose these should be booked in advance? Or do you have another suggestion?

    Once again, we appreciate all the above help!

    Sylvia & Antony.

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    Default Lots for everyone.

    What do you suggest we visit in those 4 days?
    It would depend on your interests really, and it was a "perhaps". A lot of travellers would favour a couple of day's in LA, and a couple up the coast, Cambria and Monterey areas are popular spots to break the trip up, while having the time to take in the incredible scenery between the two. Hearst castle near San Simeon is very popular, the Monterey aquarium another, and there are some State parks along the way. Do a search for the Pacific coast highway [PCH] and you will find many links.

    I know nothing about the Channel Islands, but if that is your preference I can't see a reason why not.

  8. Default Bryce AND Zion

    At Zion, try to do the NARROWS walk. It is an unbelievable walk, up the river and in the river, as the canyon walls tower over you. If the water is too high or too fast you'll have to pass.

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    Here's an idea for a 28 days roundtrip.
    Day 1: Arrive San Francisco
    Dag 2 and 3: San Francisco
    Day 4: San Francisco to Monterey via Santa Cruz. Maybe Whale watch tour that day
    Day 5: Santa Cruz-Point Lobos SR-Big Sur- Hearst Castle-Cambria.
    Day 6: Cambria to Los Angeles (last part via Pacific Coast hw from Oxnard to Santa Monica)
    Day 7 and 8: Los Angeles
    Day 9: Los Angeles to Kingman via R66 from Topock including Oatman and Sitgreaves Pass
    Day 10: Kingman to Supai via R66
    Day 11: Supai (Never done this myself)
    Day 12: To Grand Canyon NP via Williams
    Day 13: GCNP
    Day 14: GCNP to Monument Valley
    Day 15: Monument Valley to Page (Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon etc etc.)
    Day 16: Page (Maybe )
    Day 17: Page to Bryce
    Day 18: Bryce to Zion
    Day 19: Zion
    Day 20: Zion to Las Vegas via Valley of Fire SP
    Day 21: Las Vegas
    Day 22: Las Vegas to Death Valley (I would forget about Mt Charleston. You could drive via Red Rock Canyon NCA first (take W.Charleston from the Strip or 215 west if you come from the southern part of the Strip) but I would spen as much time for DV as possible.
    Day 23: Death Valley to Bishop/Mammoth/June Lake/Lee Vining
    Day 24: Mono Lake and Bodie and into Yosemite. A visit to Bodie requires some 3 hours from Lee Vining and back. 3 miles is on a dirtroad. Mono Lake can be done the day before in the afternoon if you stay Lee Vining. Visit the South Tufas off 120. Short distance on a gravel road and a short trail after that. There's a plentora of things to explore along us395. Alabama Hills, Film museum in Lone Pine Whitney Portal, Manzanar, Laws Museum in Bishop, Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Devils Postpile NM etc)
    Dag 25 and 26: Yosemite
    Day 27: Yosemite to San Francsico
    Day 28: Home and planning your next trip.I've left out San Diego and Sequoia NP. I love San Diego but it's detour and I would not want to stay any shorter than 2 full days in SD. We also love Palm Springs for relaxing and golfing and there are several places worth a visit but choices, choices....You can see giant trees at Mariposa Grove in Yosemite but they can't beat General Sherman tree. But choices again.

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