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    My mother and I are moving to Boulder, CO from Bloomington, IN but we're first stopping in Nashville, TN to see my sister for Christmas. We're planning on leaving Nashville on the 26th. The general gameplan is to just get to Boulder in one piece without too much hassle from weather conditions and traffic. We'll be driving a Uhaul with a car dolly.

    I'm looking for the best tips to get there. I've been experimenting with google maps and the fastest route, according to google, is Nashville -> St. Louis -> Kansas City/I-70 -> Denver. Nonstop its calculating to be about 24 hours. We plan on stopping at least once every 5-6 hours to stretch/etc and at least 1 overnight somewhere.

    Alternatively we could take I-40, which seems to me the safer bet as far as avoiding weather.

    Advise on a more detailed route would be appreciated.

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    Default Don't think of it in hours.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your drive from Nashville is a full 2 day drive under 'normal' circumstance. With possible weather disruption and the fact you are towing would really be pushing it. Take google map times with a pinch of salt, they don't consider human requirements such as food, bathroom breaks and sleep, nor do they consider obstacles such as weather, congestion or construction delays.

    It is too early to predict what the weather might be doing at the time you travel and it is a common misconception that keeping South will avoid bad weather. The shortest route is generally the best, but get up to date forecasts prior to leaving and make an informed decision. I would be prepared to finish your trip on 'day 3.

    You might find that renting a trailer would be a better choice, it will be more stable and you can back up with it. A dolly you can't reverse and you would have to keep your speed lower.

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    I-40 in general would actually be a particularly poor choice for this trip. That adds at least 250-300 miles, if you add a shortcut on 2 lane roads through New Mexico. The route by itself sees plenty of winter weather - and really provides no generic advantage over I-70 - and by going this route, you'd need to be on the road for a bare minimum of 3 days even if weather is perfect.

    If I-70 is seeing bad weather, the much better choice for an alternate route would be to take I-80 across Nebraska.

    I will say that this trip in 2 days, when factoring the UHaul and Trailer combination is going to be on the upper end of what's safe and reasonable going direct. I agree with Dave, having a 3rd day in your back pocket is important. I'd also agree that going with a full trailer is going to make for an easier experience that will be worth the few extra dollars.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the trailer. We've never towed anything before so that will probably help a lot.

    I hadn't considered the I-80 route so that will be good to have just in case, but it seems the consensus is I-70 so we'll probably stick to that.

    Thanks guys.

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    If you have never towed before, a dolly would be a very bad choice. Spend the extra for a car trailer.

    Would it be out of the question to DRIVE the car? Looks like it would be possible if your mother can drive.

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    Having some flexibility in the amount of time you intend to use could save your life.

    I-70 east of Denver is sometimes closed due to whitout conditions when a blizzard is blowing.

    Attentiveness to weather reports and forecasts could save you from being 'rescued' from your car by the State Patrol and taken to a shelter for stranded motorists.

    A High Plains Blizzard is not to be trifled with. (i.e. It's much better to be holed up in a motel wishing you could be making progress than it is to be stuck in a snowdrift hoping the National Guard will come along before you freeze to death :-)

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