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    We've decided to drive to from LA on the 22nd of december, to seatle. we've assumed it would take around 19 hours. Though since it's winter, we're scared we might hit some snow, is there any other route to take, or route to avoid?

    Any other advice would be appreciated, as it is our first time taking a road trip.

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    Default please don't

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The advice for your trip is simple: Don't

    This is a 1200 mile trip, and only in a computer generated fantasy-land where you never have to stop or slow down for anything is this a 19 hour trip. In the real world, it will take you about 22-24 hours. In any case, be it 19 or 24, either of those numbers are far too far to safely drive in one day, no matter how many drivers you have. It really becomes a game of russian roulette where you will be every bit as much of a danger on the roads as someone who is driving drunk.

    Yes, it is quite possible that you will hit some snow that will slow you down or even require you to stop and wait for conditions to improve.

    To do this trip safely, you need a minimum of 2 full days on the road, with a full night of sleep along the way. That assumes you hit good conditions. If you find yourself in any sort of bad weather, even 2 days would be pushing the envelope.

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