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    My friends and I are trying to plan a road trip this January from Nashville to Las Vegas. We want to stop at the Grand Canyon also. Any ideas on how long we should plan for this and where we should stop? Ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Nashville to Las vegas is a LONG 3 day drive via fastest route with no diversions. If you want to work the Grand Canyon in, you will need at least 4 days, and to allow for other attractions I wouldn't plan on any less than 5 days.

    If you need to do this in 4 days, you would need to stop in these areas:

    Muscogee OK
    Santa Rosa NM
    Flagstaff AZ

    This will only give you a few hours in the GC - it takes about 1.5 hours to get there from Flagstaff, then 5 hours to get from the GC to LV. If you want to spend the whole day in the GC, extend the trip to 5 days and spend the night in Williams on your way out.

    There is lodging closer to the GC than Flagstaff and Williams, but it's quite expensive - you are looking at $100 and up for rooms.

    If you do spend the night in Williams, you would easily have time to travel a long stretch of old Route 66 between Seligman and Kingman. It takes about 1 hour longer than sticking to I-40.

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