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    We are travelling from Australia, three friends sharing the driving and the plan is to fly and hire a car from somewhere on the edge of texas, then through to memphis, new orleans, somewhere in alabama, florida, savannah, wilmington, shenandoah valley, then finish driving in charlottesville.

    I was hoping to get some advise on which way to go, the best places to stop, what to see and do and suggestions for place to stay on the edge of texas and alabama.

    We have been a few times but have never driven in the states so any suggestion/help is greatful.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default More detail.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a 30 day trip across a large area and no idea of your interests, and "somewhere in ...." as a guide, it is a little vague to give you meaningful advice at this point. What is that has drawn your attention to these parts?

    What I can suggest is that you get a good map to hand, use the search function to explore the forums and look in the tool bars above for ideas of things that appeal to you. Once you start to plan your trip out in a little more detail and more specific questions arise, we will pleased to try and help fill in the gaps.

    I'm intrigued why you have chosen "somewhere on the edge of Texas" as a start point. You certainly have the time to make it a coast to coast trip, and I would of thought that a major airport such as LA or Vegas would of offered better flight deals.

    You have a little time to research while the US sleeps.

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    Thanks for your reply,

    We have thought about it an as we have seen LA and that area we are going to collect the car from Albuquerque drive through to Roswell, through texas not sure where as yet through to Memphis then down to new Orleans, then Orlando, savannah then willminton and through to shanendoah valley and drop the car in charlostville and catch the train to washington dc and new york.

    Anyway that is the rough idea at this stage, what do you think?

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