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    My friends and I are planning a road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas!!!~
    Our plan is simply to leave on 26 December, and arrive 30 in Las Vegas for New YEAR~

    so we'll have ~4 days... unfornuately, we have no idea which route to take, or which cities/places worth visiting in between...

    - Des Moines
    - Salt Lake city
    - Denver (worth driving thro the national park in early January?)
    - Kansas city

    any possible suggestion for which route we can take and where to stop?


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    By the most direct route, your trip is about 1750 miles, meaning you won't have too much time to explore the other places you'll be passing through. Expect to spend 8 hours each day on the road. Adding Kansas City into the mix adds about 100 miles to your trip; going to Salt Lake City, and not including Kansas City, adds about 200 miles.

    Here's a potential route:
    Day 1: Chicago - Omaha, NE
    Day 2: Omaha - Denver, CO
    Day 3: Denver - Grand Junction, CO - this stretch gives you time to get out and explore the scenery
    Day 4: Grand Junction - Las Vegas, NV

    This route assumes you'll be sticking to the Interstates - 80, 76, 70, and 15.

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