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    I am planning a trip from Thunder Bay to Vancouver in May by bicycle. I am considering going via N. United States (ND, Montana, Idaho, WA) or Canada (MB, SK, AB, BC). I am not too concerned about difficulty or length of trip, I just want to make the most scenic and interesting of the two routes.

    Which would you recommend based on the trip's highlights and overall quality?

    Any input whatsoever is greatly appreciated and I would love to hear any stories about any segment of either trip you may have done or things you have heard. Thanks a lot.

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    If you want to go through the US, take a look at taking US-2 all the way across. This will take you right by Glacier National Park. If you stay in Canada, the Trans-Canada would take you up through Banff. I think either way would be miles upon miles of prairie followed by spectacular mountains.

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    Default Other Considerations

    As glc points out, your ride is going to be a lot of prairie followed by some spectacular and steep!) roads through the Rockies. I would think, despite the fact that you are obviously in excellent shape to be contemplating such a bike ride, that you would want to minimize the number of miles in the saddle. Another consideration would be that, for safety reasons, you might want to travel roads that see less traffic. One compromise between the Trans-Canada and US-2 hat accomplishes those goals would be to use the excellent road system across the plains of southern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. You'd start out using ON-11 through the Boundary Lakes district, cross over to the US on MN-11 to pass south of Lake of the Woods and immediately return to Canada via MN-313/MB-12. Then cross the Canadian plains on something like MB-12/MB-205/MB-3/MB-245/MB-2; SA-13/SA-39 and the Trans-Canada from there.

    I've made trips similar to both the above and the US-2 crossing, and I will tell you that the interesting aspects of the trip came from interactions with the people along the way, as well as the spectacular scenery in the Rockies. For the latter, I would choose the Canadian crossing through Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay and Glacier National Parks (note that the last is an entirely different park than the American Glacier National Park).

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    Great. Thanks for the info. I am thinking I will probably end up flying to Regina or the US equivalent and skipping most of the prairies.

    What do you think the roads will be like in the Late Spring time (April ish)?

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