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  1. Default nyc to denver in 4 days what motels to use, where to stop.

    leaving for Denver by car, figure to average about 400 miles a day. any suggestion on how to do it, by people who have done it. any recomendations on which motels to use, will prob use route 80 or route 70, also which route has most rest stops

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    There's only 20 miles difference between taking I-80/I-76 through Chicago and Omaha vs. taking I-78/I-70 through Columbus and St. Louis, so you should feel completely free to choose whichever one appeals to you. I also doubt there would be a serious difference in the weather you'd experience on two such similar routes. We don't really recommend specific motels or even chains, but to break up your drive into four roughly equal segments you should plan on stopping near Akron, OH; Peru, IL; and Lincoln, NE on I-80/I-76, and near Zanesville, OH; St. Louis, MO; and Salina, KS on I-78/I-70. Each of those communities is large enough to have several lodging options from which to choose.


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    Default Lodging.

    Sites such as Tripadvisor and Expedia will help you explore lodging options to suit your needs, in and around the places Buck has mentioned.

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    I did this trip (from Allentown to Casper, WY via Denver) in 3 days, although that is generally not recommended without experience and a couple of drivers due to the length of time you'll be on the road.

    Are you looking to get there as fast as possible? Then head on I-78 to Harrisburg, PA. Get on the PA turnpike until it hits I-70 and that will take you all the way to Denver.

    I went to Columbus, OH on I-70 and headed south to Cincinnati and into Kentucky, stopping in Florence for Day 1. From that area I took I-64 west through Louisville and southern Indiana and Illinois. Going through the Hoosier National Forest was a highlight of the trip that I took and this will take you through. I-64 will take you to St. Louis where you can hook up with I-70 through Missouri and Kansas. I stayed in Topeka on Day 2.

    Cambridge, OH may be a better stopping off point at day 1 for you if you want to spend 4 days and going from New York which adds extra time when compared to my trip from Allentown. Your second day could be Evansville, IN. Kansas is pretty barren as far as amenities, particularly towards the west so your 3rd day should rap up around Topeka, KS

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    Your lodging choices across Kansas are essentially KC, Lawrence, Topeka, Salina, and Hays.

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