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  1. Default First time road trip from Austin, Texas to California: Please advise!! :)

    Hi RTA,

    My husband and I (no kids, newly weds :)) decide to go on a road trip from Austin, Texas to California this Christmas season. We are usually fliers, so your advices will be really greatly appreciated.

    The major activity we are interested in involves SNOW! I used to live in a colder country with snow in winter, and really miss having "white Christmas."

    We plan to spend about 7 to 10 days for this trip. Now questions...:

    1. What is more fun route to California? Would you recommend NM route or AZ route? We can enjoy pretty much everything on the way e.g., no particular interest (except for snow); scenery, historical sites, and etc., on the way. We just want to be able to have at least 1 fun stop (for a few hours) per day, if it is not one of major destinations like Las Vegas or Grand canyon.

    2. We want to spend Christmas in a snowy place. Maybe rent a cabin or something (Not a huge camping person especially in snowy mountain, though.) I saw Mammoth Lake Resort online. Is this place good? Or is there another national park or resort you'd recommend?

    3. What are general tips/ advices for us, the newbies with only fantasy of spending Christmas in cabin in a snow covered mountain? xD

    Thank you so much for your advices in advance!!!

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    Default Finding Snow and Scenic Beauty

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    7-10 days is really not a lot for a round trip between Austin and 'California'. It would take you a minimum of three days each way just for the drive. Still you have some time and, while no one can guarantee it, snow is a possibility. So here's what I'd suggest as a starter outline. First, start out on I-10 west but then use I-25 to head north from Las Cruces to Albuquerque. That will do several things, get you a little farther north and a little higher in elevation to increase your likelihood of seeing snow, as well as setting you up to see some great natural wonders as you head west. Along I-40 are Petrified Forest National Park, and a little north of Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon. Also around Flagstaff are a couple of ski areas, the Arizona Snow Bowl and Sandia Peak where they may be making snow if the natural stuff hasn't already started.

    For your destination, including a cabin in the snowy mountains, I can think of no better target than Yosemite. Alternatives, should all the few winter accommodations be booked, would include Kings Canyon or Sequoia National Parks. All three parks are in the Sierra Nevada.


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    Another possibility for staying in a winter wonderland is Big Bear, not far out of Los Angeles, but snow is not absolutely guaranteed. If you plan on hunting for snow, you will need to have a set of tire chains by law in California. You may not have to put them on, but you will be required to carry them.

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