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  1. Default First time snowbirds driving from Waverly, NY to Tucson

    My husband and I have taken the plunge and rented a house in Tucson for the winter months. We are leaving Waverly (southern tier, on PA line) Dec. 26. Our rental property isn't available until Jan. 1 so we feel we have a little sightseeing time built into the road trip. I'm thinking Nashville and Memphis are worth a stop. We will either drive south via Roanoke or take the diagonal route through Ohio depending on the weather forecast. Suggestions are most welcome.

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    Default Tucson is a great hub for road trips

    Carol, Sorry for the delay in getting you on here...

    The weather could be tricky that week, if the most recent patterns give any predictive options... The shortest route would still be 2400 miles and driving 8 hours per day, it's still going to take five days. If you add in stops in Tennessee, and you hit winter weather, this trip could easily take 8-10 days. Are you under any significant time pressures?

    If not, we have, quite literally, hundreds of suggestions...


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    Well, since we're paying, we'd like to arrive in Tucson on Jan. 1.

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    Default Making the Best Use of Your Time

    I make that 7 days (Dec. 26th to Jan. 1st inclusive) to make the trip, which as Mark points out is a 4-5 day drive depending. Adding Nashville and Memphis push it a lot closer to 5 full days, but that still leaves you a couple of days for sight-seeing. Your greatest likelihood of encountering snow and other winter conditions is early in your trip, so if you run into bad weather, you can just sit it out and make up for lost time by dropping one or two of your planned en route stops.

    I would start by crossing the Southern Tier on I-86/I-90 to Cleveland and then just stay on the west side of the Appalachians as you work your way southwest on I-71/I-65 to Nashville. Mammoth Cave, just outside Bowling Green, KY is definitely worth some investigation as well. Then a few other possible stops would be Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, and Carlsbad Caverns and/or White Sands in New Mexico,


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    Thanks for your suggestions. We'll keep an eye on the weather forecasts. Have also found a couple of road trips (Catalina Highway and Organ Pipe NM) in Tucson area in the road trip routes. This is a great site. Thanks.

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    With your time constraints, you may want to defer sightseeing in the Southwest itself. Those are places that you could easily go to as weekend or several day trips out of Tucson before you head back home in the spring - or even do them on your way back home when the weather may be better.

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