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  1. Default Dec/Jan Boston to Southern Oregon via michigan

    I will be relocating to southern Oregon and am looking for suggestions and tips for this winter trek. I will be making the Boston to Michigan section of the trip mid december and enjoying the holidays with family in sw Michigan. Then starting on dec 28 will head west. Although I've spent many winters in New England and Michigan I've never driven though middle America via I80 or I70 ever, let alone in the winter. I'm trying to make some tentative plans regarding the route (70 or 80) and sites to see along the way (that won't be closed or too dangerous) to check out or things that are amazing to see in the winter. I'm also looking for reasonable expectations about what areas I may see closures, ridiculous new years traffic, or any other things that would be good to know. I'm not looking for weather predictions, it's winter :)

    Although I will do the bos>Michigan trip in a day, I'm not looking for that pace for the second part. I have from dec 28-Jan 4 to make the trip from michigan to southern oregon (though a little flexible on either end). I am leaning a little more toward the i70 rt for the larger number of cities along the way, and maybe a day of skiing in colorado - but certainly can be swayed. I'd also like to enter southern Oregon via San Fran, why not right?!. I'll be driving a fwd Toyota matrix with a roof rack box.

    Thanks! And yes I've used the search function and have already learned a lot!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Sticking to the Interstates will give you the best chance of being able to get through any area. It's the secondary roads that generally have closures - sometimes for the season - so you'll be okay there. It is possible for the Interstate to be closed for some period of time during a major event, but even then it is unlikely to be for more than a day or so. I would say any area near a major metropolitan area is likely to see heavy New Year's traffic, so it would be a matter of timing when you are going to be heading through the area.

    Where would you be getting on I-70 after your stay in Michigan? Kansas City, or somewhere else? Would you hook up with I-80 after Salt Lake City, or take a different route? Depending on your route, you may not have enough time if there is a weather (or other) event that impacts your travel.

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    Default That first leg ?

    Trying to drive from Boston to SW Michigan is really too far to attempt in one day, even without the winter weather and shorter daylight hours that you need to consider. It's around 900 miles to Kalamazoo, which is 16 hours plus on the road with minimum stops.

    I would keep it safe and take an overnight stop on route.

  4. Default the plan

    For that first leg, I'm going to make a pit stop in detroit and stay the night with family before heading to SW Michigan. If weather is an issue I'll stop in NY or Canada - I've made this trip probably 20 times, so I have my favorite hotels if needed along the way.

    For the rest of the trip I was thinking of taking I69 S to I70 in Indianapolis. Then follow I70 into Utah and take I15 N to connect to I80. Does that make sense to connect with I80 at that point?

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    Taking I-70 all the way to I-15 does involve quite a bit of backtracking, if you're heading back north to SLC/I-80.

    If weather is good, then you could take US-6 as a shortcut from Green River to Provo, or if things are more questionable, use US-50 at Salina to get to I-15.

    Or another scenic option would be to simply stick to US-50, and take that all the way across Nevada (this is known as the Lonliest Road) and join up with I-80 near Tahoe.

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