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    I am thinking about doing a solo road trip along the belly of the US, starting from Sacramento. My itinerary is wide open, I'd like to camp when I can and keep the whole trip pretty cheap. I an also open to heading into Mexico. though as a solo, am a little less likely to go there. I can go as far, or as short a distance as I want, and have about 3-4 weeks. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Right now your plans are just a little too wide open for us to provide much help. With 3-4 weeks you could go practically anywhere in the country. While you've started by narrowing it down a little bit - into one 1/4 of the country - that's still thousands upon thousands of square miles. Obviously there are dozens of National Parks in the 4 corners area, not to mention tons of things in California, Nevada, or maybe Texas you could consider. But you really have to narrow things down more before we can offer much more than that.

    As far as Mexico, I would strongly advise against it. The amount of violence, especially along the border, is beyond alarmingly high at this point. Juarez for example may have the highest murder rate in the world right now. Until the government can get some control over the drug cartels, I would not cross the border for a sightseeing trip.

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