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  1. Default Earliest you can move without a set of winter tires?

    Ok guys, I'm going to have to make the move from Los Angeles to New York. The problem is, my all-wheel drive Audi came fitted with great summer tires (Michelin Primacy HP), but from what I hear they don't perform well in any kind of cold conditions. My question is, when is the earliest I can move without having to swap out the tires for a winter set? Are there any routes that are less likely to be snowy/really cold? Is March warm enough to do it?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Cold really has nothing to do with it. Your tires won't perform well in snow or ice as snow tires or even all-season tires, but if you're traveling in dry conditions, you can be on the road January 1.

    Of course, over a cross country trip in winter the odds are you'll hit at least a little patch of winter weather - and in those cases you'll need to keep your speed down, and potentially even stop sooner if poor conditions develop. And no, there really are not "less snowy" routes, as every cross country route sees at least some winter weather over the course of the year.

    I'll also say that if you are going to move to NY, you might consider swapping out for a set of all-seasons before you leave anyway...

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    Thanks Michael.

    I have no experience driving in cold weather, but during some googling I found people saying that summer tires will lose grip at anything below 40F, no matter ice/snow or dry. If anyone has any actual experience with summer tires below 40F, please let me know what it feels like.

    Getting all-seasons would make sense, but I'm going to be moving to the city and my car will probably become more of a toy car that is only used occasionally instead of the daily driver that it is here in LA. I really like how the tires I have right now behave in the dry and even heavy rain (feels like I'm driving in the dry), so I don't know if it will make sense to get all seasons as it will probably stay garaged any time it snows in NYC.

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    If they perform well in the rain, you shouldn't have any issues, especially being that you have all-wheel drive. Just check road and weather conditions before you leave and keep abreast of them with a laptop and wifi or a smartphone enroute.

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    Default Getting to grips with it. [pun intended]

    There are many different factors involved, but no road tyre will just "lose grip" under a certain temperature, unless there are other factors at work such as ice, which could catch any tyre out. Yes there will be tyres that perform better in winter conditions, but that doesn't mean you will simply slide off the road. The Michelin primacy HP, is made of a harder compound than many, the benefits mean a longer life, the downside is less feedback from the road. No manufacturer will put tyres on a vehicle [I believe they come as standard on your Audi ?] that would put people at risk if it gets a bit 'nippy' outside.

    Drive to the conditions, at a pace you feel comfortable with, and not at the pace some motorists may risk travelling at, [they may have winter tyres, who knows ?] Use smooth and progressive braking, acceleration and steering inputs, while keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Allow plenty of time for your journey and you shouldn't have any problems. That is other than having a winter storm event, and then no matter what tyres you have, simply pull off the road and let the road crews do their job.

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