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    Default East to West Coast Road Trip - June/July 2011

    Hey Guys :)

    I'm currently in my final year of University and am planning on heading over to America in June 2011 after i graduate. I am a 20 year old male (21 when the trip starts) but can't drive and am looking for someone/ a few people who would like to come on the trip with me to save costs and to meet new people! If we can't get a car I plan on using public transport, mainly buses and trains to get from place to place. This is my itinerary so far:

    New York
    Washington DC
    Grand Canyon
    Colorado Springs
    Arches National Park
    Las Vegas
    San Francisco

    I am meeting up with some close friends in New York and Portsmouth that i met when they came over on a student exchange from Keene and am hoping to camp in Colorado Springs, Grand Canyon and Arches National Park. Other than that i am totally flexible on places that we visit, if you dont want to go to one of those places thats fine and if you want to head somewhere, totally cool! I just plan on seeing america and am totally excited :) if you want any more information, or are interested drop me an email and we can get talking

    Hope i can find some people who can join me on this trip of a lifetime, i am so excited, we will have a blast!
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    Something you need to be aware of - our surface public transportation system generally only goes from city to city. You will be able to get all around the country, but you won't be able to use it to visit places such as national parks. There are day bus tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, but they are only there for a few hours and do not stay overnight.

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