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  1. Default Road trip from Lubbock,TX to Las Vegas

    Hello Guys

    I am really excited about the road trip we are planning from Lubbock,TX to Las Vegas and found this cool website, couple of days back. I read couple of forums trying to find out attractions/important places on my route to Vegas, which is to catch I-40, drive through Albuquerque, Grand canyon, Hoover dam, finally to destination. I have two question?

    1) Can you guys give me a comprehensive list of attractions on my route, which i shouldn't miss at any cost.

    2) Since we are driving mostly on night time, what precautions we should take on I-40 route like gas, restroom stops, long stretch on no life?

    Your answers are greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We don't really do must sees - but before we can even answer this, why will you be mostly driving at night? If you're driving at night, then attractions aren't really going to be relavant since you won't be able to see any of them anyway.

    That question also raises a fair amount of concern - as you're looking at a 1000+ mile trip once you factor in the detour to the Grand Canyon. This is a 2 day trip, not one that can safely be made in one shot. If you are planning to drive through the night, skipping rest in the processes, Your first precaution is that you need to plan for an overnight stop.

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