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    My girlfriend and I just booked our vacation in the US for the summer of 2011. We will be in the country from mid june, until late july (about 5 weeks).

    Our main goal for the trip is reaching the west coast by car, after visiting New York and Miami. We´re planning on visiting DC, Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Houson, Dallas, Grand Canyon, Vegas and San Diego before ending up LA, where our return flight awaits.

    We´d appreciate any suggestions from you guys, on places worth visiting on our way. For the record, I am quite familiar in CA area, as I recently was an exchange student in San Diego. Below are some questions which we could use some guidance on:

    - Where should we stop by on our way from DC to Miami (we´ve planned 1-2 nights here)?
    - What is worth seeing in the south states?
    - We need a cheap rental car. Does anyone know whether or not it would exist an affordable rental car company where they waive underage fee? (we´re both 23)
    - What is New Orleans and Orlando like?
    - We were also thinking about visiting Panama City. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Five weeks is a considerable amount of time for a trip that could be done in one. And there are simply too many places and things to see for us to give you a set that will appeal to you and your girlfriend. So let me just point you to a few of the resources here that will give you a taste of what's available, and help get you started ion picking your own destinations. For starters, here are a number of possibilities for the drive down to Miami. Also take a look at these lists of stops handy to the Interstates, and these lists of a couple of dozen attractions in each state. Finally, be sure to browse the many 'small' RoadTrips all over the country that can be strung together as you see fit.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As far as the rental car situation goes, I highly doubt you'll find any company that will waive the under 25 fee. Your best bet may be to look at a broker based in the UK/Europe as sometimes they will have better deals available. However, The simple fact is that because of the amount of time you'll be on the road, your ages, and that you're planning for this to be a one way trip, your car rental rates are going to be very expensive. You could quite easily be looking at $1000-1500 just in fees (multiple underage drivers, one way drop, etc) before you've even added in the base rate and taxes. I'd spend a lot of time shopping around, and you could find yourself a good deal, but I'd be prepared to be spending a lot of money on transportation.

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    Thanks a lot, guys! I will definitely check out them destinations along the Interstates, and try to figure out which fits us best.

    Last time I rented a car from Hertz (San Diego), they actually waived the underage fee for me, because I picked up some magic number from a website and included it in my online booking. However, this "code" only waived one driver. I was probably very lucky also! Anyway, I am also aware of the fact that we are most likely to end up on the street for a couple weeks after this trip, as the rent will kill us :)

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