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    I am planning this exact same trip!! Coming from the UK, going to Coachella 2011 in Indio CA, April 15-17, then I want to drive to Savannah in about a week. I know this won't leave me a lot of tourist time, but I'll only have 2 weeks in America. Few days for the festival, few days in Savannah seing my friend, whatever's left in between for driving. The biggest stumbling block I've come up against so far is what I'm going to be driving and how I'm getting my hands on it. I can plan out the route pretty well, it's the logistics that I'm struggling with. Anyone got an ideas I could work from??

    Thanks all =)

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    If you're only planning a one way trip, then 2 weeks total should be fine for you. As long as you are at least 21 years old, a rental car will be your best option, although it will be a little expensive with a one way drop fee and a potential underage fee if you are under 25. If you are younger than that, then going by Bus or Plane may be your only choice.
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    Thanks very much MM. I'm 28 so age shouldn't be an issue. So the best bet is to try plenty of car-hire companies until I find one that will let me pick up in CA and drop off in GA?

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    Pretty much all the major car rental companies will allow one way car rentals - you're just going to see a wide range of prices. A one way drop fee - that will likely be at least $300 for a cross country trip like this - is going to be pretty standards, except for a couple of companies who simply roll that fee into the rate.

    Often times you can find better deal by looking at brokers based in the UK/Europe, and you'll probably get a much better rate if you return the car in a major city like Atlanta so show around using all the variables you can.

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    Your airfare back to the UK would probably be cheaper departing from a major hub such as Atlanta too. It's about a 5 hour drive from Savannah to Atlanta.

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