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    This is kind of strange to ask about but, my dear friend is in Wichita, Kansas gathered with family at their mother's deathbed. She has asked me if I would fly out and drive her mother's car (and 2 cats!) back home with her---home being the SF East Bay. I have never done a winter weather road trip other than up and down the state of California and would love some advice about what would be the best route. I was thinking of the southern route through Albuquerque, Flagstaff etc but from other posts it seems that perhaps, if there is snow to contend with, it might be safer going I-80. We don't really know when we will start the trip, but would like to spend only 3 days on the road. We could be leaving as early as this Thanksgiving weekend! Any advice from seasoned travelers? This will be quite an emotional trip, I would like to make it as safe as possible. Thank you for any advice!

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    From Wichita, its nearly identical in terms of distance to go up to I-80 (via Denver) or go down to I-40 (via OK City), so either one is certainly good from that standpoint. Both are just about 1800 miles, so you're looking at 3 long, but reasonable, 10-12 hour days on the road. However, those days are long enough where if you do hit bad weather, you won't have much margin, and will likely need a 4th day if you find yourself having to slow down for the conditions.

    Both routes are basically equal in terms of winter weather risk - so I'd pick the one that looks best based on the specific weather forecast for your exact time of travel.

    There's another active thread about a similar trip starting from Kansas City that you should also take a look at.

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    Weather permitting, the fastest route is I-135/I-70/I-25/I-80. I-35/I-40/CA-58/I-5 is about half an hour longer, and may be the best bet considering the current weather. I-80 is in pretty rough shape right now, and is closed in southwestern Wyoming.

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