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  1. Default RV driving from Denver to Sedona November around Thanksgiving

    from Denver: not sure whether to take the New Mexico route to Arizona, or try I-70 W through high mountain roads, also not sure on how the harsh the weather will be or what to expect on road conditions for a 40 feet Class A motorhome. Has anybody done this trip before this time of the year? Thanks for any input!

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    You basically have a choice of two routes: I-25/I-40 or I-70/US-191/US-163/US-160/US-89. Even visually, the choice should be obvious. While the all Interstate route is slightly longer, you'd be on the road almost exactly the same amount of time (if everything goes right) on both routes. And there's the rub. The chances for something going not-quite-right are significantly higher, although still not terribly high, on the route involving multiple US highways. Services are fewer and farther between, the roads have steeper grades, sharper curves, lower speed limits, and towns with stop signs and traffic lights. I'd stay up on the big roads with the big boys.


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    If your aim to get from A to B as smooth and quickly as possible, then I back Buck's suggestion and all that he has said.

    However, if you have time to enjoy the journey and the weather and road conditions are kind, I personally would consider/prefer the 'other' route along I 70 and down 191 etc. I am not a fan of Interstate travel for pleasure, but they do serve a purpose. The roads [191 etc] are in good shape and offer nothing that a 40ft RV can't handle quite comfortably, the effects of weather would be the same as if you were in a car.

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