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    Default San Francisco, Las Vegas, Xmas.. in 10 days...

    hi everybody,
    My girlfriend and I are flying from Paris to San Francisco in december (from 22 to 31), which makes a short stay... We basically think we can drive from SF to Las Vegas through death valley, spend a day or two around vegas, fly back to SF and then spend the rest of our journey visiting SF.
    I don't really know which way to go between SF and LV, i understand that some roads are closed in winter.
    Also i'm wondering if we should spend christmas in SF or in Vegas ? or under a tent in the desert :-)

    Thank you for your help !

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    Default Really Only One Choice

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    All the roads over the Sierra Nevada will be closed for the winter due to snow, so your ONLY choice of route to Las Vegas will be down the Central Valley on I-5 and then CA-58 through Bakersfield and Barstow to I-15 north into Las Vegas. That will be a full day's drive, so two things: 1) Be sure to get a good day/night's rest in San Francisco to get over your jet lag before even starting out. 2) Don't plan on any major sight seeing or side trips on the day you make the drive. That pretty much means making the drive on the 24th, assuming you arrive in San Francisco late on the 22nd. Clearly that puts you in Las Vegas for Christmas. That would actually be my preference between the two cities. I'm sure that San Francisco would be nice. It's just that Las Vegas really knows how to put on a show and is more set up to cater to travelers and people with no local roots. You could then do Death Valley as a day trip from Las Vegas before returning to San Francisco sometime on the 27th or 28th. You're going to fly home on New Years? I hope they open up the bar.


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    ok thanks for the info.
    We will probably leave the car in Las Vegas and fly back to San Francisco, so we might take the car on the 22nd evening, wake up early on the 23th (because of the jet lag), drive a few hour to somewhere in Death Valley and spend the day and night in the area. I'm wondering where we can spend the night ? actually i'm wondering what is the desert like in december, how the weather is ?
    We will drive to Las Vegas on the 24th, spend christmas in a casino playing poker :-o and fly back to SF on 25 or 26th.
    Does our plan sound reasonable ? i checked the distances and time on google maps but i want to make sure it is possible, especially if the weather is bad.

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    If you want to leave the car in LV, you need to be aware of a probable one-way dropoff charge. It takes more than just "a few hours" to get from SF to DV - this is an all day evolution at close to 500 miles.

    The Wikipedia article on Death Valley has a climate chart. The NPS website has your lodging options and your camping options.

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