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    My spouse & I are planning to go on a road trip that will eventually lead us from Dallas,TX to Memphis,TN. We plan to visit a friend nearby in Missisippi as well as spend some time in Memphis,TN.

    We then want to drive down from Memphis,TN to New Orleans, LA and spend a day in new orleans before driving back home.

    As this is our first road trip we are very excited and nervous as we will be driving for just under 2000 miles. We are taking a rental car.

    I understand we need to have (or pay attention to)
    • Adequate Car Insurance
    • Medications
    • Warm Clothing
    • Water & Snacks
    • Music CDs or Audio books
    • GPS
    • List of all addresses with phone numbers

    Anything important I left out? Any input on what to be careful along I-30 and I-40 going east and then I-55 comming South ?

    Replies much appreciated

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    The good thing about taking a rental car on a RoadTrip is that all the maintenance hassles are the responsibility of the rental company. And 2,000 miles is a drop in the hat on their fleet (e.g. You don't even have to worry about getting the oil changed.) Should anything go wrong, you just call their 800 number (It will be in the contract) and they take care of the rest, including putting you in a new/different car if need be. Check with your own auto insurance company, the credit company whose card you intend to use to rent the car, and any roadside assistance or auto club you may belong to and ascertain what, if any, coverage you already have that will extend to the rental car. Only as a last resort buy short term (daily is VERY expensive) coverage from the rental car company. Otherwise your list should serve you in good stead. This is not quite the Dakar Rally you're planning to drive. Relax and enjoy. The best thing on your list, and the most useful, is healthful snacks and water.


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    Thanks AZBuck

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