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    Hello All -

    Me and my wife is planning on our first big road trip from Kansas to Los Angeles during Thnksgiving which is this weekend. She is pregnant and just past her first trimester and therefore we think this is the best time to travel. I have done othwer roadtrips going from LA up north on Hwy 1, but since this is is our first major roadtrip I would really appreciate any advices or suggestions regarding routes, places to stay, weather or anything.

    We are planning to drive through KS to Colorado into NV and then CA.. We really would like to pass thorugh Denver and enjoy Colorado for a day and then continue, is this a good suggestion.? Also we are planning to travel cheap inregards to our lodging, I would really appreciate any kind of insights and suggestions..

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    Default lacking detail

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think we're going to need a few more specifics in order to offer more helpful advice.

    How much time do you have for the entire trip, and is it one way or round trip? What's the point of the trip (are you trying to get to LA quickly for a reason, or are you trying to see as much as you can between point a and point b)? What sort of things do you want to see - for example when you say you want to "see colorado" what things are you thinking of visiting?

    The more we know about what you are thinking, the more we'll be able to help answer your questions.

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    Sorry for not putting in enough details:

    The reason for our road trip is to bring out my wifes Toyota RAV4 from Kansas to CA and also bring some household stuff that she has in KS to our LA home

    I was planing to drive out from KS on Friday 11/26, mid morning and be in CA by Sunday(11/28) afternoon to evening, but I have also taken an extra day off just in case our drive needed more time.Get back to work on Tuesday

    So we are planning to see as much as we can in between but in particular Colorado. Nothing in particular in Colorado, since this is our first time, just enjoy the nature and go to some scenic points and return.

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    Your real problem then will be you just don't have much extra time available.

    You didn't say where in KS you are starting from, but assuming you're looking at Topeka, its pretty much a full 3 day drive to get to LA. So if you don't have quite a full day on Friday, and you want to get into LA relatively early on Sunday, you just don't really have time to get away from the interstate. Here are a some ideas for places to take a good break, and will have some scenic views (and the good thing is I-70 is a very scenic trip in its own right) but if you were hoping to detour off and check out one of the many national parks along the way, you could have a bit of a problem.

    With your relatively tight timetable, I'd also consider skipping Colorado and going down to I-40 if the weather looks poor along I-70. The forecast looks good for right now, and I-40 certainly can see winter weather too so you need to look at weather there as well, but with only 4 days available maximum, I think making sure you have the easiest drive possible is going to be the real important thing.

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    Thanks so much Michael for your suggestions and advice. I am starting out from Overland Park, KS which is even further than Topeka to Glendale, CA. i guess then I will play it by ear and see how it goes.. Again I really appreciate your advice.

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