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    Default More Polish folks coming to the US...only for a short time


    I'm very glad I found this web site and the forum. Me and my friend are planning a trip throughout the US next year and I'm looking forward to finding some trip tips and answers to the questions which I have. Currently I'm living in Poland but I've spent a couple of years studying in America.

    Anyway, it's all in early plans but I'm planning around 2 weeks visit in the US somewhere between March-June of next year.
    The first stage of the trip includes a visit in Chicago (2 days) after which I will catch a plane to visit some friends in Little Rock (1-2 days). I think that's the easy part of the trip as I will have a place to stay in both cities, I know them and will simply take a flight from CHI to ARK.

    The rest of the trip is a big question mark. My plan is to go visit the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Francisco , go all the way back to NY and then back to Chicago to catch a flight back home. Unfortunately as most people I will be on a tight budget. In this case I don't know whether it's all doable so maybe I will need to take something out of the whole idea. I believe starting after the end of my stay in Little Rock I should have a bit over 2k (for 2 people) and 8-9 days to use.
    I know there are tons of things to see in all the places I mentioned but due to time constrains and $$$ I will be able only to see the main attractions and anything on the way.

    Initially I was planning to rent a car in Little Rock and drive to Arizona and then to California from where I would take a flight to NY. After a 2 days stay in NY I would catch a plane to Chicago and then back home.
    On the other hand maybe I should just take a flight from LR to Phoenix and rent a car there to go to California?

    I know it all sounds pretty chaotic but as said it's all in early plans. I decided to register here to avoid making mistakes in planning from the beginning.

    So what do you think guys?
    At which point it will be better to rent a car?
    Is it really worth to see LA or should I skip it?
    Maybe I should skip the whole California idea and then rent a car to drive from ARK to ARI and see everything on the way? That would save some money, be less complex and I wouldn't be in such a rush.

    I will appreciate any of your suggestions and tips for my grand plan.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the first thing you need to do is skip NY. It just doesn't fit with the other sites you mentioned, and you don't have time for it, unless you basically spend all of your remaining time in airports hopping from one city to another.

    What I think I would do in your situation is to fly from Arkansas to LA, Vegas, or San Francisco (based on wherever you can get the cheapest flight and rental car). Then I would do a loop of LA-Grand Canyon-Vegas-Death Valley-Yosemite-San Francisco-Coast Highway. Frankly, even that's quite a lot for just 8-9 days, so you may want to pick and choose between a couple of them - Maybe just doing Vegas/Grand Canyon to SF or LA.

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    Default Agreed.

    I would concentrate my time in one area after you leave Little Rock, or it's going to feel as though a lot of your break has been taken up with airports and getting familiar with security staff. You are going to see a lot more of the Country from the ground than you are the sky, and some of the most wonderful and diverse country can be found in the Southwest. The National parks of Southern Utah such as Zion and Bryce canyon, or Yosemite and Sequoia in California are as fascinating as the Grand canyon in their own unique way. The Desert landscapes, like that of Death valley, the red rocks of Monument valley, the bright lights of Vegas and charm of San Francisco, plus a great coastal drive are all to be considered.

    If you have a choice, I would look to take your trip during the later part of your travel 'window', late May into early June

    Use the forums and Roadtrip route/planning pages as a research tool. If you decide to spend your time in the Southwest, you will find this thread is full of idea's. As your plans take shape and new questions arise, just ask.

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