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  1. Default Throgs Neck, NY to Richmond, VA on busiest travel day of the year

    My son's college breaks at mid day on Wednesday, November 24. I want him home safely for Thanksgiving, but anticipate the NJ Turnpike and I-95 corridor will be a slowly moving catipillar of traffic. Trains and flights are all booked. Does anyone with experience traveling from Throg's neck to Richmond, VA have some suggestions?

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    I moved your post to this location as it isn't a question about how to use this forum as it is a question about a particular trip.

    For a trip such as this one, the key things are time and patience. There's no simpler way to be safe than to expect that the trip is going to take longer than normal and to be patient with others on the road. There are a few alternate routes (such as US-301 and US-50) which I would expect also to have large amounts of traffic on them.

    If your son doesn't mind spending a few extra hours on the road (which he's likely to have to do in any case,) then he'll be able to take one of several alternate routes around Washington, DC and the other cities leading up to New York - but there will definitely be a pinch around NYC (when isn't there?) But if the expectation is that there is a "quicker" way, then I don't see one given the date, location, and time of travel.

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    As you are clearly anticipating, this is going to be a terrible drive, and the worst of it will be right at the beginning, getting out of New York, and the second worst part will be near the end, getting through Washington. Throw in the Jersey Pike and the Delaware/Maryland sections of I-95 and yes, you've got a nightmare. There's absolutely nothing you can do about the first part, but the earlier you can get on the road the better. There is something you can do about the second part. I would suspect that what I'm going to suggest will take longer. It's certainly more miles. But it may give you a chance to have an enjoyable drive rather than spend the entire day in bumper to bumper traffic on I-95. And you'll still have a decent chance of getting to Richmond around midnight on Wednesday. Grit your teeth and get across the George Washington Bridge and then follow I-80 out to I-287 south at Parsippany. The at Bridgewater take I-78 west to where it joins I-81 east of Harrisburg, PA. Follow that down to Winchester, VA and then take US-17 south to rejoin I-95 at Fredericksburg and complete your drive into Richmond.


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    Default Tough sledding for your son

    Hello zippy,

    I know both the ache of being the son on the road and that of the father expecting his son's arrival.

    I'd take a very close look at the "right hook" suggested by AZ Buck. There is every single reason under the sun to expect I-95 will be somewhere between terrible and awful. The "right hook" can't possibly be worse.

    Best wishes and safe travels for your son.


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