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    Hello Friends, as you can tell this is my first post to this site, but I hope you find it interesting enough.

    I'm currently planning a trip from Portland, ME. I live right outside of Kansas City, MO.

    I'll be flying out sometime within the next two weeks (if I make it through the new full-body scanners!) picking up a cargo van and driving it back to KC, probably right away.

    I haven't left the KC area in maybe 15 years (west coast trip when I was 6/7, needless to say, I don't remember much of it), so would like to make the most of this trip.

    Here's a rough outline of the route I've got planned:

    Portland, ME
    Cambridge/Boston (MIT/Harvard, is there anything to see at these campuses? I'm not sure why they're on the list)
    Washington, DC
    then hightailing it as straight west as I can, I don't know what else to check out on the way back to KC.

    I probably won't stretch this past 3 or 4 days at most. No idea about where I should stay.

    A little more background:

    I'm 21, unemployed, and a bit of a loner. I might have one friend come with me, but it's such short notice I don't think he'll come. I don't think I'd be too big into parks and such. Natural History / other museums would get ranked high on my list though.

    But anyways, just looking for some general info, what you might think of my route, things I should bring, etc. etc. I will be traveling back in an extended cargo van, probably with enough space for me to sleep pretty comfortably in the back with the right supplies.

    I'll edit this some later, and yes this trip is definitely going to happen in case you're wondering.


    Edit: Just found 'State Places Challenge -- A to Z', and goodness, what an awesome resource! I'll be checking it out and doing more resource before I edit again.
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The route you've laid out is over 2300 miles in length, and considering that much of it will be through some of the most congested cities on the continent and down the infamous 'Ho Chi Minh Trail' (otherwise known as I-95) where you're just as likely to see speeds of 30-45 mph as 75, would require a minimum of 5 solid driving days. And that's before you start adding any time to actually see anything.

    Your first order of business is to cut the number of miles you plan to drive roughly in half and that means a straight drive home. That's still 1500 miles, but all you have time for in three days. Four days, if you can swing it, allows you some time to check out a few of the many intriguing places on the way.


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