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    Hello to all
    first im new at this and i hope i can get some information here and maybe some advices too?!??!!!!

    Im from Portugal and in next year i wanna go to north america 3 weeks with 3 more friends, and shortly saying...

    i wanna go to new york for 3 or 4 days and then rent a car and cross the mythic ROUTE 66, passing by chicago st louis grand new mexico etc ( i saw the route but dont remember all the names now) and i wanna stop in Los Angeles... So anyone can give me please more information please???
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    Default What is/are your question[s] ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    What type of information are you looking for ?

    You should know that the original route 66 was decommissioned some time ago, and although parts of the original road still exist, it has largely been replaced with Interstate. Have a look around the RTA pages for info and suggestions and just ask as questions arise.

    When is your trip scheduled for ? I have moved your question to it's own thread in the Fall and winter section as that is where you posted.

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