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    Hello! 24 y/o male here planning a one way road trip from NC to CA and planning to stop in ATL, Gulf Island National Seashore, Creole Nature Trail, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, and somewhere in Arizona (with possible stops at Big Bend National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, and the Marfa Lights Viewing Station). I'm leaving around end of nov. beginning of dec. with the deadline of a couple days before Christmas Eve.

    Also traveling solo in a Toyota Tacoma 2WD truck w/ all season tires that has a camper shell with a lofted sleeping area in the back, which I plan on sleeping in at the parks and cities in which I don't know anybody. I'll be hauling my stuff in my truck, which includes a few valuables such as a small flat panel tv, records and record player, and my laptop. Any tips on pacing, where to park to sleep, safety advice?

    Been trolling the forum and already found some great tips! Keep up the good work!

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    I'm also open to route changes if you have some must see places that i must visit! FYI: I love the outdoors, quirky cities, good places to see music, and good eats.

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    If you are going to sleep in the back of your truck, I'd advise you to get a winter sleeping bag. You could find temperatures well below freezing.

    I would advise you not to just park somewhere random to spend a night, especially *IN* a city. If you are not going to be in an official campground, the safest place to park would be at an Interstate truck stop (again, not in a city), with permission. If you do that, give the establishment some business - buy a tank of gas (which you need anyway), consider eating in their restaurant, buy a shower (which you will need too). Plan on a few hotel stays just to have a comfortable night, Motel 6 isn't very expensive out on the Interstates away from large cities. In a pinch, you could park in a 24 hour Walmart lot, again, with permission.

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