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  1. Default Ideal road trip in the spring (not spring break)


    Would like to take a family rv roadtrip from tampa, florida to Mt Rushmore, Custer's national park, and yellowstone in about 2 weeks. Does this make sense? Recommended routes?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With a 5000 mile round trip, plus any little detours, you can expect to be on the road for 10 or 11 day's in an RV, so with only a couple of day's in Yellowstone, you have precious little time for much else other than what you see on route. The other major concern would be, when in Spring ? A lot of the park doesn't open until mid to late May depending on weather, but to get a better idea, take a look here at the nps Wep page.

    There are many route options, but it's worth taking a different route each way to see more. Perhaps through Memphis, Oklahoma and Colorado one way, and back across South Dakota, St Louis and Nashville the other as a couple of examples.
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    I guess late spring, we home school, so can go anytime, but would like to ideally bypass too much traffic if possible??

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    I think your best bet for going for the least amount of crowds but still having access would actually be in the Fall - September or early October. I was just in the Black Hills over the Columbus Day weekend (Native American Day in South Dakota) and there were no crowds at all, although it was the last weekend for many seasonal businesses and some restaurants and motels had already closed up for the year.

    For a spring trip, you really need to be almost to Memorial Day or even into June before things are fully reopened for the year at Yellowstone. If you were there before mid-june, you should still beat the peak Summer crowds.

    I will also agree with Dave that 2 weeks really is the minimum for this trip, and if you can find a way to extend your time even by a few days, it will be very much worth it.

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    For 2011, the roads in Yellowstone are scheduled to open on May 13. All the facilities won't be open till mid-June. They start closing again after Labor Day, and the roads start closing in mid-October.

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