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    Default Los Angeles to Boston

    Hi everyone, my girlfriend is moving from LA to Boston Nov 30th and I will take the drive with her!! What route is the best to go at this time of the year? I drove LA to MN few yrs back and went thru the rockies etc...I was really looking forward to Zion, Vail and chicago, but everyone is saying this is not the best way to go because of possible snow/weather.
    Is the southern route a better option?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no single best route in winter. Every cross country route can and does see winter weather, and going south is no guarantee that you'll see better weather. If anything, it can increase your odds of seeing ice rather than snow, and plow crews in southern states aren't always as good at removing what does fall.

    I would plan to take the route you want to take, but keep an eye on the forecast, and if conditions look poor across the Colorado Rockies during the specific time of your travel, you can look for other options. Even if I-70 is seeing poor conditions, its possible that taking I-80 across Wyoming would be just fine - which would still make it easy to see both Chicago and Zion.

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    Hi and thank you for your speedy reply!
    You ice rather than snow comment is EXACTLY what I was telling my girlfriend!! Ice storms are way worse for any kind of travel! I work in the airline industry.
    Do you think it would be silly, at this time of the year, to go from Chicago to Buffalo to see the falls and then zip down to DC and up to NYC and then into Boston?
    I'm getting more and more confused trying to piece this thing together!
    Thanks again! =)

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    If you want to see those things - and you have the time available, there's certainly nothing wrong with it. That's the great thing about a roadtrip, you get to build it to fit what you want!

    I would caution about the thought of zipping anywhere between DC and Boston - as traffic along the corridor is always very heavy - and if there is winter weather, it will grind to a halt.

    Just for perspective driving direct, you're going to need at least 5 days to drive from LA to Boston - plus I'd alot one extra day for a weather delay. That does not include time for stops and detours to places like Zion, Chicago, or Niagara, and a detour to DC would also not be included in the 5-6 day minimum.

    I'll also throw out the idea of cutting across Ontario to get from Chicago to the Falls. However, you will need passports to cross the border, and if you've got a car full of stuff, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have proof that you are moving to Boston (so they don't think you are trying to illegally immigrate to Canada).

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    Hey again, what about the 40 to the 81 into the DC area? Is that a nice route to take and what is there to see along the way?! Is it the same as the 70 in terms of terrain & safety?!
    Thanks again!

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    you wll be wanting to watch this latest storm that is coming in. I would have the two routes available and decide next week to see how conditions are. You may need a yard stick

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    Where is this storm supposed to be? We aren't leaving until Nov 29th

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    Default LA to DC! Is this doable?

    Day 1 LA to Kingman,AZ
    Day 2 Kingman to Albuquerque, NM
    Day 3 Albuquerque to Oklahoma City
    Day 4 Oklahoma City to Nashville, TN
    Day 5 Nashville to DC

    There will be 2 drivers!!
    Thanks y'all!!
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    Default rolling down hill

    Your plan starts out easy, and then gets a little problematic.

    LA to Kingman is really only about a half day on the road, you should be able to do this in about 5 hours depending upon traffic and the like. Unless you are leaving late in the day, you should be able to get to Williams, Flagstaff or even Winslow/Holbrook with a full day on the road.

    Kingman to Albquerque would be another pretty easy day, at only 450 miles. This would be a day where you'd have some time to make a few stops at places like the Petrified Forest or Walnut Canyon, although the Grand Canyon would be a little tough since its a good hour detour each way - and takes a fair amount time to see and enjoy.

    Albuquerque to OK City would be a very good day on the road. At 550 miles, its about the perfect balance needing 9-10 on the road hours to complete.

    But then things get a bit problematic. OK City to Nashville and then onto DC are both drives that exceed 650 miles. While not impossible, that is a bit more than we'd recommend even with 2 drivers, especially as you start to deal with east coast traffic.

    I'd look at shuffling a bit here and try to get more miles in those first two days, so you can trim down the 2nd half of your trip a bit - even saving 50-100 miles each off both of those drives would make a significant difference. I'll also say that I'd rather have my long driving days at the beginning of the trip, when I'm fresher, giving more time to stop in the later days when I'm starting to get a little road weary.

    Of course if there's weather, you'll need to make adjustment, but honestly, with the start of your trip still 10 days away, even the best forecasts are still going to be very unreliable at this point.

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    Thanks Michael...
    This is becoming more of a chore than anything...
    I am trying to coordinate it all with arriving in cities that I can use my daughters fabulous Marriott hotel employees rate!!! Wanted to get to Amarillo in a day, alas, no Marriotts!!
    Our plan was to get to DC and enjoy a couple of days as well as in NYC.
    I'm already tired!! LOL
    Will the traffic be horrific?
    What else do you recommend for those last 2 days that you say are too long?! It doesn't seem like I can make the 1st part of the trip longer days because of the problems mentioned above.
    Is it better to just go thru Denver and that way?!

    So wait, if mapquest says 8 hours it really mean 9-10???

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