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  1. Default March 2011 road trip

    Hello all just found this site and it's fantastic everything i am looking for

    right planning a road trip with the wife and we have two options, we only have 2 weeks what are peoples thoughts

    Trip 1
    Fly to Las Vegas then round road trip taking in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and San Francisco

    Trip 2
    Fly into New York then round trip New York , Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and back to New York

    Hopefully spend a couple of days in each city

    Any Suggestions for places to stop between the big cities and are the itneries ok with the time frame and which one would you do first ( the one we don't pick we plan to do in 2012 )

    All help and comments much Appreciated

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    Default Heads or tails !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is about what you want to do that matters, both options are viable [presuming Vancouver is a typo !? ] and there is no right or wrong answer. I think you need to choose which side of the country you are headed before we can start making recommendations. Take a look around the forums and other RTA pages to help you decide, gather idea's and then we can help piece it together. The one thing about doing the loop in the Southwest is that if you are planning on visiting Yosemite and Sequoia NP etc, some of the high passes over the Sierra mountains will still be closed due to winter snows. That's not to say you won't have a great time though, the waterfalls will be flowing into the valley.

    If you want to save the best till last, head to New York first ;-)
    [Totally biased opinion Lol ]
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Really, only you can decide which sounds best based on what you are interested in. Both sound like reasonable trips that could be done in 2 weeks. I'll say the trip to the Southwest offers a little more diversity, offering both cities and some amazing unique landscapes like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Yosemite, and the Pacific Coast. However, March is springtime which means many of the mountain passes will not yet be open. So if your 2012 trip would be in the Summer or Fall, that could be a good reason to wait.

    Of course there is potential for nature in the northeast too, with Niagara Falls being an obvious one. I'm assuming you mean stopping in Toronto, not Vancouver, and that would be a nice loop. You might also consider stops in other US cities like Boston and Washington. There are a few things with that to consider about this option - you will need to make sure you can take your rental car into Canada. Right now Canada is considerably more expensive to visit than the US, because of the relative value of the US Dollar. That could change significantly in the next year - so if you are doing both, that might be a reason to wait until 2012 for that one. Of course, the US Dollar could continue to fall, and thus it could get even worse by waiting.

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    Vancouver !!!! lol don't know why i typed that yes i meant Toronto

    Somebody mentioned that there will be a lot of snow Canada still in March so the driving will be hard ??

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    Snow in Canada is generally not a big problem in the Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal areas in March - but anything is possible. It's not mountainous like the western US.

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    This is what we have decided on :)

    If anyone has recommendations i:e other towns to stay in between the big Cities then i'm open to suggestions

    what does everyone think ??

    17th march Day 1 fly into Las vegas British airways

    Day 1,2 stay in Tropicana hotel

    20th Mar Day 3
    Drive to page grand canyon via hoover dam
    stay in

    21st Mar Day 4 visit grand canyon

    22nd Mar Day 5 Drive to Prescott Phoenix
    Stay in

    23rd Mar Day 6 do the "Red Rocks to Water to Wine Tours"

    24th Mar Day 7 Drive to Los Angeles
    DAY 7,8,9 stay

    28th Mar Day 9 Drive to paso robles
    Stay at
    29th visit wineries

    30th day 10 drive to San Francisco
    Stay in
    3rd April fly home

    I might add an extra day in to Las Vegas and only have 2 days in San Francisco but i'm not into the gambling lark so will have a think over next day or so

    Instead of driving back to Las Vegas we are flying back home from San Francisco as we found a excellent deal with BA only £1040 for both of us all in so plan to book in next couple of days

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you planning on just the raft trip without visiting the Grand Canyon National Park? If so, it's a lot shorter going from LV to Page via Zion.

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    yes that was the plan, looked at the photos of the raft tour on flickr and it looks like we will see enough of the canyon doing that
    Some cracking photos

    But i did want to see the Hoover Dam and google earth directions send me out to the dam and to Page via Vegas again

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    Default Viewing from the top.

    From Hoover dam to Page, I doubt there would be much in it time wise if you continued on through Kingman, by the time you take in Vegas traffic anyway. From a personal point of view, I would prefer to head via Zion and spend some time there over the dam, but of course that is your choice to make, you won't have time to look around both. Of course you could take a daytrip to the dam while staying in Vegas.

    From Page on route to Prescott, you could consider entering the South rim of the Grand canyon via the East kiosk on 64, [near Cameron which is also home to a large trading post] and out the South kiosk through Tusayan. This would give you a different perspective of the canyon and it's size from the top of the rim, one that I think would be worthwhile.

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