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    Hello All.
    I am new to this forum and am hoping you all can help me. We are going on our first road trip from Houston to Grand Canyon. We have 3 small boys, ages 5,4, and 1 and a half. How many days would you advise we take for this trip? We are hoping to go next week. Is this too ambitious a drive for 3 small boys? We would like to enjoy the trip, what would be a good route and things to do along the way for younger kids? Also once we get to grand canyon, what are some good activities to do? Neat places to stay and eat? This will be out first road trip as a family and am in need of lots of help to make it memorable. All your help will be greatly appreciated. :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The main things to remember when traveling with small children is that everything is an adventure but the attention span may be a bit wanting. When I travel with my own two grandsons, I make a point of stopping every few hours just to let them get out of the car and run around having a good time for a bit. Such 'small scale' venues are perfect for such a trip and your children will remember them almost as long as places like the Grand Canyon. The biggest advantage the National Parks have, and one which you should absolutely take advantage of, is the Junior Ranger Program. This= will get them more interested in the parks than anything else, and at the end of each park's activity they get a badge and other souvenirs as well as participate in a swearing in ceremony.

    If you were all adults, and willing to spend a little extra time in the car each day, I might think that the drive between Houston and the Grand Canyon would be possible in two relatively hard driving days. But with children, this is going to be a minimum of three days. So a long week (including the weekends at both ends, could make for a rewarding trip.


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    The easiest place to stay at the GC is in Tusayan, just outside the south entrance. However, plan on hotel rooms $100+. There are a few major chain hotels, and they are pretty nice, not low end places. If you are looking for inexpensive, you will have to stay in Williams or Flagstaff, which are both at least an hour away from the park.

    The most direct route is the Interstate to DFW, then US-287 to Amarillo, then I-40. If you want to spend the night in Amarillo, the motel at the Big Texan is an Old West replica. The restaurant has great steaks.

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    How long have you got for the trip and Grand canyon visit overall ? I would consider choosing a different route each way to mix things up a bit. A Southerly route out through San Antonio would take you towards Carlsbad caverns and White sands NM and up to Albuquerque, or along to Phoenix or 'through the middle' via Gila National forest to Holbrook [where you could stay in Wig Wam] and Petrified forest. On the way home via Amarillo, you could start out along I 40, or time permitting head out through Monument valley, the Four corners and towards Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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