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  1. Default Austin TX to New Haven CT during Thanksgiving. Advices?

    I will be driving from Austin TX to New Haven CT during Thanksgiving week (leaving Tuesday night, expecting to arrive Saturday PM). We're planning to sleep in Dallas, Memphis, Greenville and near Washington DC.
    Our trip looks like: Austin > Dallas > Little Rock > Memphis > Nashville > Chattanooga > around Atlanta > Greenville > Raleigh > Richmond > Washington > Philadelphia > NJ > CT.
    Since we'll be driving during Thanksgiving week, besides being very patient behind the wheel, are there any other advices (fuel, weather, traffic conditions, etc)?
    Any information will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default That About Covers It, But...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've pretty much hit the nail on the head with your comment about "being very patient behind the wheel" and leaving plenty of time for your drive. Those are two of the best pieces of advice anyone can give to someone planning a drive over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. That time frame includes some of the busiest travel days of the year and you'll be driving through some of the most congested areas in the country, so patience (and the willingness to change your plans on the fly if necessary) will be critical. That brings me to my big question. The route you've described is not the most efficient one between Austin and New Haven, so are the intermediate destinations you've listed necessary? If you're not wedded to them and are willing to change things up a bit, I can offer suggestions for a few alternatives which might both save miles and avoid some of the worst congestion.

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  3. Default Yes, not the best trip, but...

    ...wife doesn't want to pass through/stay in small towns - she doesn't want to be in the "middle of nowhere" or taking roads in the mountains - that's why I had mentioned going through Atlanta, SC, NC, Richmond and DC. The original map plotted by google maps showed that the best way would be Dallas > Memphis > Nashville > Knoxville > Roanoke > Harrisburg > NJ > NY>CT.
    But I sure appreciate your comments, and any alternatives that may save me some headaches, AZBuck!

    Thanks for all help!

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    Staying on I-40 to I-81 is no more mountainous than heading from Nashville all the way back to Atlanta. It's a very well traveled route and is hardly "in the middle of nowhere". There are plenty of services all the way up.

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    Default Oh, My Goodness........

    Hello megablue,

    I-40 and I-81 are heavily-traveled Interstates which pass through decent-sized urban areas and don't pass through anything more than large foothills. I would never, absolutely never, trade them for Memphis-Chattanooga-Atlanta-Raleigh then presumably north up the Ho Chi Minh Trail (aka I-95) at any time of year, with Thanksgiving week being at the top of the list of times to avoid.

    Planning your route to avoid any or all parts of I-95 at this time of year is the wisest thing you can do. You most surely don't want to deal with Atlanta and the Richmond, VA through Connecticut segment of I-95, unless perhaps cycles of bumper-to-bumper 80 mph--30 mph--dead stopped, and repeat dozens and dozens of times for 10 hours at a time appeals to you. Makes me shiver with dread just thinking about it.


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