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  1. Default Driving from Seattle to Toronto in middle of December

    My husband and I are moving from Seattle to Toronto and are making the drive starting December 11. We only have 6 days to make the trek as we have a wedding we need to get to in Toronto. We have a Mazda Protege (not 4 wheel drive) and winter tires on it. Any suggestions on which route would be our best option? We were thinking 82-84-80. Any info on what this drive is normally like during this time would be helpful. Thanks.

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    There really is no "normal" when it comes to the conditions on any road in winter. "Normal" as in what happens most of the time, is that the roads are completely clear and passable with no problems at all, however that normal is of no use if you happen to be traveling when an area is getting hammered with a snowstorm.

    In many ways I-90 can be a better choice than going down to I-80, because it is at a lower elevation through Montana than I-80 is across Wyoming. However, there is only about a 100 mile difference between going I-90 all the way to Chicago, I-90 and I-94 across North Dakota, and i-84 to I-80 across Wyoming. Take a look at the forecast just before you leave, and pick one of those routes based on how the conditions look at the time of your travel.

    The good thing is with 6 days available, if you have to sit off the road for a day because of the weather, you can still comfortably make the trip in 5 days.

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