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  1. Default thanksgiving with the dog along the CA coast

    hello everyone, its my first time posting here, hopefully wont be the last time. such a great forum!

    so i'm planning on driving up the pacific highway from anaheim to monterey, leaving on the 25th, going back on the 27th, just need a few insights so i'll know exactly what to expect and do (a roadtrip newbie here)
    i'll be taking the dog with me, so how dog friendly is the national parks/beaches and the monterey city itself? i was also planning on visiting the hearst castle on my way up, but heard that they don't allow dogs on the tour, so i'll have to cross that out :(
    but should i stop at solvang instead and take a look around for a bit then continue driving up the 1? i'm aware of the 10 hours drive if i take the 1 up, i'll be leaving really early (~5am) from anaheim, hoping to get to solvang by 9 and spend ~2 hours there and go on.
    if everything goes as planned, i'm thinking i should be in monterey at 7pm at the latest with a few stops here and there, nothing much left to do but rest.
    next day i'm hoping to drive through the 17 mile drive, check out the cannery row, and some of the beaches/national parks, anyone knows and can recommend a not so crowded place where i can hang out and chill with the dog? it'll be chilly, yes, and i'll hopefully be prepared :)
    also, if anyone can suggest any other places worth checking out, it would be great!


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    I'm sorry, but you shouldn't try to drive from Anaheim all the way to Monterey on the 1 in one day. You would seriously curtail any sightseeing opportunities. I would take fastest route to Monterey, which would be I-5 to Lost Hills, CA-46 to Paso Robles, US-101 to Salinas, then CA-68 into Monterey. You can make that in about 6 to 7 hours, traffic permitting, and with an early start you would have a whole afternoon and evening to sightsee around Monterey. Then you can see more around Monterey in the morning, leaving around noon and spending a night somewhere between San Simeon and San Luis Obispo. Reason to take the 1 coming back - when traveling south, the scenic pullouts will be on your side of the road. I'm sure you can find a couple pet-friendly hotels for the 2 nights. There is a Motel 6 in San Simeon and 2 of them in SLO, and they are a pet-friendly chain with reasonable prices.

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