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    Howdy guys,
    I'm planning on taking a trip from Philadelphia to Toronto this Thanksgiving, and was wondering if there were any tips at all to give me? I've driven a few times before this past summer, but I have no idea what the roads are gonna be like during this time of year. I'm wondering if it's a good idea driving. Previously, I've had to drive through some very foggy conditions during the trip there, and that was okay, though a bit dangerous. I'm also probably be going to be driving later in day to the evening, when it's dark.
    I could always take a greyhound bus or even a megabus (despite the recent megabus accident), but I'd prefer not to. Using my car up there would be really convenient...though i guess there is always public transportation.
    Is there anything that would prove useful to me that I should to know?? I'm really nervous and scared. Some peace of mind would be good, but if it's going to be dangerous, I'll probably steer clear...
    Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it!

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    Default predicting the future

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    All we can really tell you is that the weather will be what it will be - there's just no way of knowing until a few days before your trip when you have an actual weather forecast. Even in the middle of winter, the trip is very doable most of the time - its just the days where you're actually getting a storm where its a problem.

    If you can build some flexability into your trip, so you've got an extra day or even two on each end of your trip so you can wait out a storm, that's really going to be your best bet. Obviously, if you can drive during the day, that's also going to help, especially if conditions are marginal.

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    Thanks Mike!
    Looks like I should be okay weather-wise for my trip up to canada.
    I'll be leaving Tuesday afternoon to Canada and then returning back to Philadelphia the following Saturday or Sunday night. Looks like there will be some snow showers on Thursday and Friday along the route I'll be taking...Will a day or two be enough time for the roads to become clear again? Will the roads still be icy?

    and here's the route I plan on taking: GOOGLE MAPS ROUTE

    Would another route be better/safer/faster?

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    Would another route be better/safer/faster?
    Nope. That one is as good as any and minimizes off-Interstate driving. It's over 500 miles - I hope you aren't planning on arriving the same night if you aren't leaving till the afternoon. I don't care what Google says the drive time is, that's at least a 10 hour drive. You have to plan on delays at the US-CA border.

    This time of year, it's always possible for icy and snowy roads.

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    thanks for the quick response glc!
    yea it's taken me 10 hours before and that was with good road conditions and not during a holiday season.
    i usually drive around 70mph the whole way through, with the occasional 80mph if that's how the traffic is flowing, especially once im in canada.

    Do you reckon I ought to slow that down a bit in case of icy roads?

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    Default Time and Temperature

    I would expect that the roads will be clear a couple of days (Saturday) after Thursday's snow showers, but what you really need are sun and warmer temperatures to insure such an outcome. The Interstates get the most attention from road crews, see the most traffic and have little or no shading from topography or trees. So if you have any doubts, the route suggested by Google is your best bet. However, if you can devote two days to the drive (in either direction) and the weather is predicted to be relatively warm and sunny, then there is another more relaxed and scenic route that you might want to consider. That would be to take I-390 south from the Rochester area to I-86/NY-17 east to near Corning. There pick up US-15 south through the Susquehanna River valley to Sunbury and PA-61 southeast across the Alleghenies to the Reading area, and then your favorite route into Philly. This will take longer, enough so that you cannot do it in a day, and the weather will have to cooperate, but it is worth looking at either for this trip or another one in the future.


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