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    I'm heading from South Jersey down to Nashville, TN. The first day I'm driving, I'm planning on stopping on the border of TN so I'm looking at just under a 9hr drive. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where to stop on my way down I-81. I'm driving on my own on the way down, and so I was looking places to stop and break up the day.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Default Bristol/Kingsport (or Similar)

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    You are correct in assuming that you can get to roughly the Virginia/ North Carolina border in a day's drive (about 525 miles, assuming you are starting from within 40 miles of the Delaware Memorial Bridge), but you are wrong in assuming that you can make that drive in 9 hours. With reasonable stops for gas food and bathroom breaks, as well as the inevitable slowdowns through Baltimore and getting around DC, you are looking at something that will be a lot closer to 10-11 hours. Still, if you take a few mental health breaks for some brief walks to exercise your body and rest your mind, that could be an enjoyable, although a bit long, day. In such a case your best bet for stopping for the night would be Bristol, VA/TN, a town that straddles the border. or slightly farther on, Kingsport, TN. If, on the other hand, such a day seems overly long to you, you can pull up a bit earlier in Wytheville, VA and still have an easy drive the next day to Nashville. But really there is no shortage of lodging choices all along the Interstate system, so you can just set yourself a time by which you want to be off the roads (say sundown) and start looking for a place a half hour before, Then no matter how early or late you are as a result of traffic, you can be assured of finding something that will suit your needs.


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