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  1. Default First trip to Washington DC and Boston - Spring 2011

    Hi, I'm planning a 1 week trip for next May to Washignton DC and Boston. Likely 4 nigths in Washignton and 2 nights in Boston. Don't have too much flexibilty to extend the trip. We are from Latin America (Peru) and this will be our first trip to this 2 cities in U.S. (my wife and me).

    We are very excited aboput this trip and our min purpose is knowing both cities (museums, attractions, etc). We like roadtrips, though the time for this trip is short, so I'm evaluating if it's worthy to make the Washington-Boston connection by plane, train or renting a car.

    My main concerns are:

    1- is it worthy a car ride from Washington DC to Boston if we only have 10 to 12 hours ? are there nice sceneries for a 1 day trip ? is it better to do it by train or plane on such a short term ?
    2- if affirmative, which could be a good route with nice scenery/views ?
    3- are there any 'must see' locations (scenery, points of interest, etc) in that route ?

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you

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    Default Not a Road for That Sort of RoadTrip

    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The sad fact is that I-95 between Washington and Boston is not a pleasant drive by any definition. It is a utilitarian route through some of the densest population centers in the United States, is usually multi-lanes choked with commercial, business, and commuter traffic, and only rarely offers scenic vistas. Your time limit does not really allow for significant detours away from the northeast corridor either. When you throw in the fact that you will be charged not only for the hire cost of the rental car, but a substantial one-way drop-off fee as well, it simply makes no sense to try to drive this route for economy or pleasure. Take the train instead.


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    Default Time too tight

    With the amount of traffic the Northeast sees on any given day, especially on the route you are considering, your trip would probably be more frustrating than anything. You would have the benefit of seeing most of the largest cities in the United States, although only as they appear from the highway. I once spent three hours trying to move 5 miles through New York City on this same section of road.

    Take the train or take a plane.

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