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    Hello everyone. We are two norwegians that doesent have a lot of experience about roadtripping in the US. But we wanna learn! We have to be in Vegas the 10 of March for our flight home. We have planned to start driving from Miami the 17th of Feb. We want to drive up the east coast (Route 1??) and see a little bit off Washington DC, New York, Philly and Boston and then head to Chicago for Route 66 to LA and then to Vegas. Is this a good idea in the winter and do we have enough time for the trip?

    We are gonna rent a SUV. Any cheap agencies that allow to rent a car in Miami and drop it off in Vegas?

    We want to live as cheap as possible and are gonna stay at cheap roadside motels. How much money for gas, food and motel/hotels do you think we need?

    Any dangers we should be aware of?

    Any other tips for our trip?

    Tips and answers are greatly apreceiated!

    Daniel and Henrik

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Pretty much every major rental car company will allow you to rent an SUV one way from Miami to Vegas, however, no one will do it cheaply. One big thing you could do to dramatically reduce your cost is rent a sedan, which will be just fine for 2 people, and could easily reduce your transportation costs by half once you factor the reduced rental fee and the less fuel use.

    One thing you should know about your route plan is that Route 66 hasn't actually existed for about 25 years - its been replaced by the interstate system. There are sections of the old road still around, but it does require quite a lot of work and research if you really want to follow the what's left of it.

    Costs - a budget motel will normally run $50-60, but you'll spend more when staying in major cities especially on the east coast. Food, depends upon where you are eating, but $20 a day each is a good starting point.

    For time - I'd say you are on the upper end of what you can do with 3 weeks. You've laid out a 5000 mile trip, which is 10 full days on the road of interstate travel. You've laid out 7 cities you want to visit (not including Miami), so that's already 17 out of 21 days. Throw in some time to travel slower roads like Route 66, a little time for a weather delay, and if you want to spend more than a single day in any city, and your time will be filled up.

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    wouah! this road trip seems amazing! you'll have different landscape from the beaches to the mountains and the rocks! you'll love it!
    vegas is astonished with all the casinos, the night life and the lights!
    my friend had been to miami and she loved sunbathing and shopping there!! :)

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    Have you done this road trip because this is the trip i am looking at doing with a friend in 2011. If you have done it can you let me know what you thought were the highlights and the places to visit / avoid? Would you recommend any particular hotels / bars / attractions along the way? How long did it take?
    Any one out there done this trip and can fill me in on any of the above - key cities would be Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Amarillo, Phoenix?, and Vegas.
    Any comments greatly appreciated!
    All the best,

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