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  1. Default Winter NY to Orlando road trip

    Hi every one,

    I am planning to visit US this winter with my wife and 3 years old daughter.
    I 'll be arriving to JFK New York on 25th of Dec then I ‘ll drive all the
    way down to Orlando, Florida which approx 1060 miles & I am really concerning about the SNOW!!!

    I am wandering about:

    1-The weather at the time of my arrival to NY 25th Dec and the time of my departure from NY, which will be on 28th of January.

    2-In case of snow how difficult is it to drive on the highway (I don’t want be stocked in some highway motel.. )

    3-The best rout I should take (avoiding traffic and the too cold towns)

    4-Recommended stop-over and nice towns to be passed by.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, you need to plan to spend at least one night in a motel on during your trip, as NY to Orlando is a trip that really needs 2 full days on the road... and depending upon where you are flying in from, you might consider spending at least a day to recover from jetlag before you embark on such a long trip. The shortest route is I-95, which is the single most heavily traveled highway in the US, and you should also plan for a number of traffic delays. What might work best for stopovers or alternate routes depends upon how much time you've got to make the drive.

    As far as weather goes, it simply is impossible to say if you'll see snow, and how much you might see - other than to say that you certainly could see some, and if conditions do break down you'll be much better off stopping at a roadside motel than you will be trying to drive beyond your abilities and/or the conditions.

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