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    Hello :)

    My name is Nicole & I am planning a road trip with 2 of my friends in Late Jan 2011. We are travelling to NY for a week, then flying to Orlando to visit the theme parks. It is from there we start our road trip. We will also finish back in Orlando, and then fly across to LA & visit Las Vegas, San Fran & San Diego.

    The Road Trip.

    We would like to go through the following states:
    Georgia: going along the coast, through savannah
    South Carolina, Alabama, Mississipi, Texas, Louisiana.
    From Google maps it is about 3000 miles.
    How many hours of driving would we be doing/day?
    Google maps puts the time as 2 days 3 hours of driving which is 5 hours a day. However, I would like to know if this is accurate?

    The things we are interested in:
    Hopefully seeing a football match.. local.. college.. we dont mind! (I understand that in the start of Feb this yr there was some all stars game in texas.. is there something like that happening in 2011?)
    Lance Armstrong.. (my friend is a huge fan)

    We want to travel on a mixture of the main highways and scenic routes, if you could recommend further research for us.

    Also if you could recommend places not worth visiting.. and places we should research further than would be great.

    If you think this trip is not possible in 10 days.. keeping in mind we want to have no more than 6 hrs a day driving.. unless we do stop overs during the day at places.. then we dont mind driving all day.

    If this trip isnt possible.. then we will skip texas.. although we really wanted to go there, as this brings it down to 2200 miles.

    Hoping you can give me some advice.
    Thankyou :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Google maps time estimates tend to be optimistic, so here are some better rules of thumb.

    If you want to keep your days to 6 hours or less on the road, then 400 miles a day is the most you should plan for.

    A full day on the road (8-10 hours) will be 500-600 miles.

    So using those guidelines, you could certainly fit everything into your 10 days, but you'll be fairly busy.

    As far as football goes, you're really going a bit too late to have much in terms of choices, as everyone's season is pretty much done at that point. It does look like there might be a college football all-star game in San Antonio in early February, the same weekend as the Super Bowl, which is in Dallas this year (and would cost you about $1000 per ticket!), but I don't know that you'd have any other options.

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    Default College B-Ball

    January is prime time for college basketball. Any ACC game, particularly Duke or North carolina would be quite an experience.

    In North Carolina, definitely stop for some pulled pork bbq.

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    Thankyou so much for your replies!

    I have found that in Texas on the 5/2/11 there is a Texas Vs The Nation football game that sounds like fun! The basketball also sounds amazing, we want to see as much sports as possible whilst here!

    Also I understand the superbowl is on whilst we are on our road trip through texas.. We were planning on not pre booking accommodation for the 10 days, but during the superbowl will we need to rethink this?


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    Yeah, if you're planning to visit Dallas at all during the first week of February, you will want to pre-book, or skip the area completely. Expect prices to soar as thousands of people visit the city in the entire week leading up to the game.

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    Default Super Bowl and Reservations

    Yes, I'd make sure that you have confirmed reservations if you plan to be within a hundred miles of Dallas-Fort Worth during the first week of February. I also suspect that prices for accommodations in that area during that week will be, ahem, more than usual even if you can get them.


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    Thankyou for your responses. I think we might miss visiting the town where the superbowl is!
    In regards to the road trip do you have suggestions on the places we are visiting & the best routes to take- keeping in mind we want a mixture of local scenic roads with the main hwys. We would like to see some weird/ unusual attractions along the way!

    Also for that time of year by staying south will we be okay weather wise.. Or is there possiblitiez of encountering snow?


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