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  1. Default Boston to Jacksonville FL - how to make a long drive into a fun road trip

    We're two women driving our car down from a lot in Boston to my new home in Florida. I'm new to this part of the US, and looking for any advice on how to make a long-ish drive (20 hours, according to google) into a fun four to five day Thanksgiving roadtrip.

    I'd like to concentrate most stops in the area south of Washington DC. Any suggestions for interesting places to overnight and smaller, more scenic roads rather than the interstate?

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    Default Several Possibilities.

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    With that much time you can choose from any of a dozen possible routes. Two are described in some detail here. In addition, there are always what used to be the main inter-state roads back before the Interstates, the US highway system. You should probably be looking at US-1/US-301 (south of Richmond); US-15 from the Harrisburg area down to US-17 at Waterboro, SC; even US-11 down the Appalachians to US-441 south through Georgia.


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