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    Hello, 26 yr old female looking for other travelers like myself to get to know and possibly plan a massive road trip. I would love to travel round' us and canada so this would take maybe weeks on the road, maybe a month or so? Not sure. Currently I am slightly limited on money so I'm assuming there will be a lot of camping and what not... If any of you are interested or know where I can find traveling partners that would be great. Cheers!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I've moved your post into the Share the Gas section of the forum as this is where folks search when they want to join up for a road trip. Good luck on your search!

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    I'm also looking for some travel buddies for a similar kind of trip. You can see my post beneath your one in the same forum with a vague idea of what I plan to do.
    Do you have an idea of dates? I'm really not too fussy about the start date but would prefer it to end in July-ish 2011.
    How far have you got with your plans?


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    Hi there,

    I am also wanting to do a similar trip like this myself. I am a 22 year old female and am from the California area (although I go to school in Iowa). What time were you planning to do a trip of this nature? Also do you have a car we could use? I do have a car myself if you are concerned about renting a car and would be willing to use it depending on the exact timeline of the trip. Let me know! Thanks :)

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    Hey guys,

    I like the sounds of your plans... I've been wanting to do a big trip for the past few years and have finally decided that 2011 will be the time to do it (Solo if necessary. It's happening!). So I'm really keen to find some lively twentysomething travel buddies who I can tag along with or invite to join to cut the costs! As for me, I'm 26, male, and live in the UK.

    My current plan is to do a full circle US/Canada trip over 3-4 months, but I'm flexible and can just join up with another person/group on their trip for a while and carry on myself afterwards. I'm mostly interested in getting some amazing and unusual photography along the way so getting off the beaten track every once in a while would be a definite help!

    Starting any time in 2011 from March-ish to late August would be fine by me. I have some friends in the Washington DC and Portland, ME areas we should be able to stay with too. The rest of the time I'm not fussy about accommodation... camping in the parks, motels in the cities... whatever's necessary!

    Anyway if you wouldn't mind then I'd really like to sign up :)


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