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    I'll be traveling to Long Island NY from Ohio in Mid May for my sister's college graduation. My husband and I and two small kids 3 and under will be traveling. I need some help we want to visit an area or two while we are there. We plan to spend a couple nights in the city and have been there before. We have also visited, Montauk, and some other areas of Long Island.

    Need some advice...
    We would like to go travel and see some scenic areas while we are there. Some ideas we have are
    Cape Cod, The Berkshires, Vermont, New Hampshire. We even thought Maine but it might be a little far of a drive. We like to view scenic areas, forest and mountains and even beaches. We also like the city too so Boston might be an option. Or any ideas. I would like to visit the New England areas.

    How is the weather in May ? Would you recommend Cape Cod or better later like July ? We also like outdoors and camping so we may try to that.

    We are not sure how much time we will be there yet. This trip is still in the early works. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Or any area I have not mentioned that you think would be a must see.

    Thank you !!

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    May can be a very unpredictable month, weather-wise, in New England. Especially in northern New England, where May is unofficially counted as the 5th season: Mud. So I'd generally recommend that you stick to southern New England on this trip. But that hardly limits the scenic opportunities. First, I wouldn't drive back into NYC to leave Long Island, but rather drive out to the far northeast end at Orient Point and take the ferry to New London. Both you and the kids will certainly enjoy Mystic Seaport and a tour of one of the 'cottages' in Newport. Cape Cod can be lovely early in the Spring before all the tourists show up. Be sure to hit the National Seashore. In Boston, most of the places you should visit are on the Freedom Trail. You can then work your way back home past Old Sturbridge Village, and Mark Twain's Home in Hartford.


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    Hi AZBuck
    Thanks so much !! That sounds great. I will look into these places. Mystic Seaport sounds lovely. We will focus on the southern New England areas. I appreciate all your help !! We are still in the very early stages of planning and we do not have specific dates yet. I'm so excited for this visit though.

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