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    4 College-age students, traveling over winter break from CT to FL, we would like to stop at least 4 times on the way down and back visiting historic civil war sights and/or offbeat attractions.. we will also be traveling over the new year, so we will need to pick a destination to celebrate that as well.. any suggestions? we don't wanna veer too far off the normal route down 95 on our way.

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    Default Right off the cuff, there are........

    .......a few which come to mind.

    Hello steven11,

    I-95 passes directly through Fredericksburg, VA, where you will find extensive Civil War exhibits related to the battle there as well as the action just 5-10 miles west, at Chancellorsville and The Wilderness.

    Just 50 miles further south is Richmond, and 30 miles farther, Petersburg, where the Crater battlefield and a number of other sites are open to the public and well-maintained.

    Within 10 miles of I-95, west of Dunn, NC, lies Averasboro Battlefield, site of the last last major action involving Sherman in pursuit of Johnston.

    South Georgia is the site of Andersonville Prison, where thousands and thousands of Union prisoners died of disease, malnutrition, and exposure.


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    Default 'Minor' Detours and Alternatives

    On at least one segment, either down or up, give serious consideration to using I-84/I-81/US-15 instead of I-95 between Connecticut and Washington DC. While that adds about 90 miles to your trip, it means that you don't have to drive through New York City or Baltimore. You can even swing a bit wide around Washington on US-15/US-29/VA-619. Such a detour would bring you to two of the absolutely essential Civil War battlefields: Gettysburg and Manassas (Bull Run).

    In North Carolina, there are several Civil War battlefields within easy distance of I-95, including Goldsborough Bridge, Averasborough, and Monroe’s Cross Roads. About 10 miles west of I-95 in Ehrhardt, SC is Rivers Bridge State Historic Site where the Confederate Army put up its last major resistance to Sherman as he marched north from Georgia.


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    I'm more partial to the I-287/I-78/I-81 path around New York City, but either that or Buck's suggestion should leave you in a good position to avoid the inevitable New York traffic jams.

    If you want more options on your return trip, the I-81 corridor through Virginia is also home to several Civil War battlefields.

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