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  1. Default Salt Lake City to San Francisco for Thanksgiving in my new RV


    I am traveling to SLC with my wife and 2 sons (2yrs / 4 months) on November 19th to pickup our new RV. It is a 1993 Revcon Trailblazer and I am very excited to see her for the first time.

    We would like to arrive in SF on Thanksgiving the 25th to share the holiday with our dear friends.

    I am reaching out to the forum members to suggest a route that will take us through some beautiful scenery and parks while minimizing mountain driving.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Default a few ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You could drive direct in a day and a half, so you've got plenty of time and tons of options.

    If you want to minimize miles, you could take US-50 (the lonliest road) across Nevada to the Tahoe area. After crossing the Sierras, you could spend some time in Yosemite and/or Sequoia before continuing onto SF. Tioga Pass through Yosemite will likely be closed for the season by this point, but it is possible that it would be open and that would be something to consider too.

    Another option would be to go down and around through Vegas - hitting parks like Bryce and Zion, Death Valley, and then Sequoia and/or Yosemite or heading over to the Coast and driving north.

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    Default Calling all Phoenix One campers!

    Hello Nate,

    Our fearless leaders Mark and Megan criss-crossed the nation in a Revcon, a 1994 model if I recall correctly, as full-timers in the mid- to late 1990s. That's quite the rig you've acquired and it'd be great to see a picture of it once you acquire it.

    You might be interested in acquiring a couple of valuable resources to assist in navigation and enhance your enjoyment of the open road (and, with the Revcon, the off-road). I'm referring to the Benchmark map books, a series of landscape and recreational atlases for many of the Western states. My first Benchmark was the CA atlas and I enjoyed planning and executing a traverse of the Carizzo Plains Nat Monument with it as well as other CA travel while I was in the region. More recently I purchased a Nevada Benchmark.

    It's quite possible to put together quite the back-and-forth trip across Nevada while avoiding mountain driving with something like a Benchmark. Nevada is "Basin and Range" country, so you can quite literally zig-zag in between mountain ranges provided your reference shows not only highway networks but also the topography as the Benchmark does.

    And, no, I don't work for Benchmark, but I have thoroughly enjoyed planning some recent trips with my library of map books from Benchmark and DeLorme.

    I think you can link through to Amazon and order Benchmarks and Delormes right from RTA's website.

    Have fun with your new rig, and send in a picture, by all means!


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    Hi Foy,

    Thanks for the tip for the Benchmark Atlas, I was wondering which Atlas to get for the trip as I am a fan of Atlases!

    I specifically mentioned the Revcon, beacause it i did some reasearch on it via this website as it was the original RTA rig. I am very excited to make it my own. I have already had all of the decals removed and had it painted desert tan with a special paint additive that insulates the rig. (They claim a 10-12 degree cool interior temp.) The bumbers, running boards, rocker panels, etc. are getting a line-x treatment.

    After talking to my Colorado buddy last night I have decided on a route from SLC -> Southern Utah Parks/Monuments -> US 50 across NV -> Tahoe -> SF.

    I just need a good route through the S. UT parks for a few days.

  5. Default SLC -> Southern Utah Parks/Monuments -> US 50 NV -> Tahoe -> SF - Advice & Tips


    I am leaving with my family from SLC on Nov 19 in my new RV and heading to SF for Thanksgiving with our friends: see my original post:

    I have never been through Southern Utah and would like to explore the beautiful parks and monuments in that area.

    Just wondering how long I would have to spend in Southern Utah in order to get to SF in time for Thanksgiving dinner. I am thinking about spending a night in Tahoe and then heading to SF on Thanksgiving day.

    I would also appreciate any tips for a route through Southern Utah that gets me back on to US 50.

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    I tried to put you together a route to see Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. It's barely possible and all the parks would have to be a quick "driveby". Where you need to be on the night of the 23rd would be Ely NV. Can you please prioritize the list?

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    Based on a limited knowledge of the area I would say Bryce, Zion, Monument Valley, Canyonlands, Capital reef in that order.

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    This will be a very busy drive, but see how this looks. This will give you a taste of everything, I'm sure you will want to revisit some of these places in your RV one of these days.

    19th - I-15/US-6/US-191 to Moab. Get an early start, 5 hours. You can see either Arches or Canyonlands that afternoon. Arches would take less time, Canyonlands is a long road in and out. Spend night in Moab.

    20th - US-191/US-163 to Monument Valley. 2.5 hours. See what you didn't see the day before on the way. Spend night at Goulding's, in Mexican Hat, or in Blanding.

    21st: UT-95/UT-24/Scenic UT-12 to Bryce. 7 hours. Take a quick trip through Capitol Reef on the way. Spend the night at Ruby's or in Panguitch. Note: UT-261 is a shortcut from Mexican Hat to UT-95, but that's the Moki Dugway. Inquire on conditions before you take it.

    22nd: See Bryce, then take US-89/UT-9 to Zion. 2 hours. See what you can in Zion, spend night in Springdale. If you are driving a RV, you need a reservation and 15 bucks to take the tunnel. If this is not feasible, take UT-14 to Cedar City and come in the other way.

    23rd: I-15 to Cedar City, UT-56/NV-319/US-93 to Ely. 5 hours. See what you missed in Zion in the morning, if you have time the Kolob Canyon part of the park is off I-15.

    24th: US-50 out of Ely, drive till you want to stop. It's about 7 hours to Tahoe, 8.5 to Sacramento if you bypass Tahoe and take I-80 from Fernley. It's about 3.5 hours from Tahoe to SF, 1.5 from Sacto to SF.

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    Thanks for the route, although busy it looks perfect... exactly what I was looking for.


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    The trick is to get a very early start every morning. Remember that it's going to start getting dark around 5pm. When I'm taking a sightseeing trip, I try to minimize driving after dark - you can't SEE anything! You also have the open range issue - black cows in the road are hard enough to see in broad daylight.

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