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    Default Kiwis (New Zealanders) back 4 more: SanFran-Salt Lake-Ystone-Glacier-Seattle-SanF

    Our last road trip was in 2008 and LOVED it so we are coming back for more. We have 4 weeks and are thinking of the San Fran to Salt Lake to Yellowstone to Glacier to Seattle and back to San Fran route with any extras recommended. We enjoy the scenic routes and I love interesting roads so any and all ideas will be very welcome. There will likely be 5 or 6 of us - 4 from New Zealand and 2 from the UK and are already looking forward to next August/September.

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    Default Random suggestions.

    Hi, and welcome back.

    You have a nice amount of time for your trip and to do plenty of exploring, as the miles in your outlined route could be covered in a week of driving.

    You may have noticed that RTA has a lot of new features and one being the "Roadtrip routes" section above. This, and the rest of the RTA site will help you to research places and routes of interest to you, and to place some dots on the map. [Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find " similar threads "] As you start out you will discover that there is a lifetimes worth of possibilities among the "main attractions", too many to list in fact. Once you have narrowed it down a bit, I am sure we can add some meaningful suggestions of things to "catch" along the way. Here are a few random suggestions;

    My first stop would most definitely be Yosemite NP and then you could head North to Lake Tahoe, US50 East [the Loneliest Rd] towards Ely [Great basin NP] and to West Wendover and the Bonneville salt flats on I 80. Near to SLC is the is Bingham canyon mine, the deepest open pit in the world. The Grand Tetons via Jackson on the way to Yellowstone are fantastic and will keep you off Interstate. The Beartooth highway out of Yellowstone is one of 'The great drives' in the US from where you could continue to Glacier NP via the Lewis and Clarke National forest and Great Falls, where another 'Great drive' welcomes you, the 'Going to the Sun Rd'. On the way to Seattle you have a number of National recreation parks and National forests that you could explore. Around Seattle is Olympic NP, Mt Baker and Mt Ranier. On the way South you have many options between the coast and inland. Mt St Helens, Hood river and Mt Hood National Forest and Crater Lake NP are just a few of the inland options you could take before heading towards the coast to the bays and Redwoods. You could have time to Zig Zag a little between the 2 or head further South Inland and then North before picking up the coast and making your way back to SF.

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Default And a Few More

    Since you have the time to wander a bit and see more than just a couple of highlights connected by Interstates:

    Between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone, US-89 will take you through some very scenic country and past several little visited natural wonders.

    Between Glacier and Seattle, there are several scenic byways in northern Idaho such as the Coeur d'Alene. And you'll be traveling through an area that saw one of the greatest floods of all time, resulting in some unique landscapes.

    On the way back down the coast to San Francisco, be sure to take some time and head up the old Historic Columbia River Highway, and hike (very short walks, actually) into some of the many waterfalls along the way. and then go the other way down river from Portland to Astoria and the coast for a bit.

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