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    Default Summer 2011 Vacation OH/IN/ILL/WI/MN

    This will be a bit long, but here goes anyway. I know what routes I want from my home in Ohio thru Indiana and Illinois. My problem begins when I enter Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    My plan is to enter Wisconsin on I-94 north and get to Milwaukee. From there we will venture to Circus world, the St Croix National scenic riverway, get to Cable county for the CAMBA bike trails and visit Wisconsin Dells. The route is still up for grabs.

    I plan to enter Minnesota somewhere around Duluth, circle the top and west side, possibly back thru the middle of the state and hitting the southwest corner of Wisconsin before entering Illinois somewhere around Freeport for the home stretch.

    I have searched the AAA maps and travel books. The only things I can find to do in Minnesota is the North Short Scenic Drive and The Great River Road from Minneapolis to Austin (a goal is to follow the entire route (in pieces)).

    We like biking (rail trails or easy riding), fishing, hiking (easy trails of 1-5 miles), boating however we will not have a boat in our possession, museums. We are not much for eating out, normally having a big breakfast and dinner with snacks for lunch. We are not wine drinkers and will stop for an occasional milk shake.

    We will be traveling in a 32' motorhome with bicycles and towing a small car. Does anyone have any suggestions on places to go in Wisconsin and Minnesota?

    Thanks in advance


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    Default where to stop!

    How much time do you have? I could probably write a book filled with suggestions - but you'd need a few years to hit everything I can think of.

    The first thing I'd recommend is that you start looking at the State Parks and State Trails in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Those alone should give you hundreds of ideas along the lines of hiking, fishing, and biking that you mentioned.

    A few more specific things that immediately jump to mind would be Voyagers National Park and the Boundary Waters. There's also the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca State Park.

    If you're doing that and your goal is to following the Great River Road, then you could certainly start following it all the way from Northern Minnesota, rather than waiting to the Twin Cities to start the drive (speaking of the Twin Cities, there are plenty of museums and other things to do there). I'm assuming since you mentioned "the Great River Road from Minneapolis to Austin" that you saw the article in our Roadtrip Routes section (since Austin is about 100 miles from the Mississippi), but here are a few more ideas for that section as well as more ideas all the way down into Iowa and SW Wisconsin.

    I'd think that should be a good start for you - but of course there's is a whole lot more. Once you've got more of an outline, I'm sure I can come up with more things that would be along the way.

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    What a start. Thanks, I dont know why but I never thourght of the parks/state trails. I have been working on several trips, shorter ones of 3-4 states and a retirement trip from here to Alaska beginning in January going south and hitting Washington State about late May then north to Alaska to be done in 2016.

    I also found interesting the other ideas you sent, I will check thim out shortly. Thank again.


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