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    Default Portland to Vegas - leaving in 3 days

    So, my husband and I decided to take a road trip for our 10th anniversary to Vegas. He's taken a full 2 weeks off of work so we could take a few days to get there and back. We leave Portland on Tues the 26th and plan on getting to Vegas sometime on Thurs the 28th. Then we leave Vegas Nov 2nd and get home whenever.

    The plan is to go there and come home two different ways because I enjoy nature photography and am hoping to get some beautiful autumn pictures in. Of course, the maps we are "using" are what were suggested by Google maps, so the plan down is I-5S to Eugene, cut over on 97 down through Klamath Falls and over to Reno, etc (stopping overnight in K Falls and Reno or Sparks). Then mapping home is from Vegas I-15N up to Boise and then I-84W (stopping overnight in Wells, NV and Boise).

    My question to all you wonderfully experienced travelers out there, does this seem to be the most reasonable directions or are there more preferred routes out there? Also, are there "must see" or "must dos" along the way.

    My husband has been a lot of everywhere in Oregon. I, however, have not. The farthest south I've seen is Medford (and that is not that worthwhile!). Otherwise, I've never road tripped in the US. I'm aware that as a photographer, there will be a lot of miles of nothing, but I see it as a lot of miles of nothing I've never seen before :-)

    Thanks to all out there!!

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    Default Absolutely Not Nothing

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The two routes that you've sketched out will work just fine, and if they're taking you through new areas, all the better. You will find no one here who would even remotely hint that those roads will be "a lot of miles of nothing". You're going to be driving through pine covered mountains, through desert, past at least two of the most beautiful national parks in the country, along the shore of a huge closed inland sea, across old lava flows, through an area that saw one of the greatest floods the world has ever known, and down a couple of the most gorges (to borrow an old Ithaca colloquialism) river valleys around. As you drive, keep this in mind. I'll also share with you something that I learned xx years ago when I was studying photography. One of our weekly assignments was to go to the county landfill and take at least a dozen beautiful pictures. As our mentor pointed out, anyone can take beautiful pictures of beautiful things. You can do better than that.


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    I just did some research with my mapping program, and came up with this. If you have to get from Portland to LV in 3 days, I'd reverse the direction of your travel. There is SO much more to see along the Klamath Falls - Reno route than the Wells - Boise route.

    To get there, take I-84 to Twin Falls, then US-93 to Ely. From there, take US-6 to Warm Springs then NV-375 (The E.T. Highway) back to US-93 into LV. Spend the first night somewhere between Boise and Twin Falls, and the second night in Ely. Make sure you fill your gas tank in Ely, you will be driving over 200 miles with no services.

    To get home, take the "locals route" to Death Valley - NV-160 to Pahrump then Bell Vista/Ash Meadows Rd to Death Valley Junction, then NV-190 through the park. Take US-395 through Reno to Susanville, then CA-36/CA-89 up through Lassen. 89 will take you to I-5, take that to Weed and pick up US-97 to OR-62 to Crater Lake. From there, there are a few ways to get back to Portland. Space out your overnights as necessary, be flexible.

    The only thing you need to watch out for on that return route is the possibility of snow in the mountains - and your mapping program may want to send you around the east side of Mount Shasta. Don't do it, the road that it suggests (Military Pass Road) is not paved and is really a 4wd high clearance road.

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