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    Default Ideas please:- Atlanta - LA road trip. How long & ££

    Hi we are new to this forum so hope this is posted in right place. My partner and I are thinking about taking a break from our usual holiday to Orlando each year to do a road trip. We have been looking at a map and there are lots of things we'd like to see between Atlanta and LA but being from the UK have not much idea about travelling times and approximates costs involved or even if it's possible to drive and sightsee that distance in 2 weeks. This is a rough outline of main areas we'd like to see on the way.
    Memphis - Gracelands
    Lynchburg - Jack Daniels Distillery
    Route 66
    Petrified Forest
    Las Vegas
    Grand canyon
    LA- sightseeing areas
    Anaheim - Disneyland
    Universal studios

    We can average our flights to be around £600 per person but that is about as far as we have got with budgeting
    By the way not sure if I mentioned but this will end of September 2011 for 2 weeks
    Any ideas suggestions to if this kind of distance is manageable in this period of time?

    Universal studios

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    Default Basics.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You can reckon on covering 5-600 miles a day on Interstate and main highway's which is around 9-10 hours on the road with time for short breaks for food, bathroom a stretch of the legs and to fill with gas. So basically you are looking at a 5 day trip to cover the miles, leaving you some time to do a little exploring.

    There are many variables to costs but a' ball park' figure for a couple would be around $150 a day for food and lodging and the odd admission fee etc, plus the car rental and flights. You can click on the 'Travel' link in the green tool bar at the top of the page to get an idea of costs of which suit your needs and budget.

    September/October is about the perfect time to travel in my opinion, the day time temps are generally good and the crowds have dwindled some.

    Have a look around the RTA site where you will find lots of info and route ideas, and then if you want help with "fine tuning" your trip just ask away !

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    Default Various Thoughts and Options

    Two weeks is enough for a relatively relaxed journey that is about an equal mixture of driving and sight seeing each day.

    Lynchburg logically belongs between Chattanooga and Memphis. After Lynchburg, I'd suggest a couple of other stops. Take TN-55/TN-50 to US-64 at Fayetteville and use that westbound to Shiloh National Military Park. Then you might want to consider taking US-45 south to Tupelo, MS. Elvis' birthplace is maintained as a museum there.

    Oklahoma is an under-appreciated state. Definitely worth a stop is the Oklahoma City Memorial, and you should also check the state's web site for some of their 'resort' state parks. Then do a search for some of the many American Indian museums that may be near your route. In Albuquerque, check out Petroglyph National Monument. Then in Arizona (working west) visit Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, Walnut Canyon, north to the Grand Canyon and return to I-40 at Williams. Your best bet to drive a significant portion of the former US-66 (It was decommissioned some 25 years ago) is in western Arizona by taking the road now marked as AZ-66 from Seligman through Peach Springs, rejoining I-40 at Kingman.

    Finally, one other worldly and little known venue on your route is Mojave National Preserve in southern California. It has been used for location shots on several SciFi films.


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    Thanks for your replies guys you have made us realise that it is more of a realistic plan and thankyou also for your ideas and suggestions they are a great help. If anyone has anymore please keep them coming every little helps

    Annie & Hazel

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    You have chosen the perfect route and the ideal season for your road trip. Your itinerary is mostly through the southern states, so you might miss some of the fall foliage, but if you want scenery, you will get plenty of that. Two weeks is adequate to see a lot.

    You'll be going to many national parks and monuments, so I suggest that you plan on purchasing an America the Beautiful annual park pass at the first one you visit. It costs $80 and will admit you and your passengers to all the national parks and monuments.
    Visit the website for the Grand Circle to see some of the parks you can visit along the way in the Southwest, but there are many all along your route.

    You might want to visit my Road Trip Route, to see what is possible in one day. Since you have a lot of time to plan, check out a lot of those RTRs to see what interests you and how to get there.

    I'd also purchase a National Geographic Guide to the National Parks and study it. You can find it on Amazon or Ebay. That should enable you to plan an itinerary to visit several of the parks.

    Be prepared to be amazed! You will be traveling through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

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    Figuring the cost of gas is fairly easy if you know the fuel efficency of the vehicle you will be renting. The good news is you can usually get the best fuel economy from the cheapest cars there are to rent.

    I would use 30 miles to the galleon as a good figure if you are renting a small car. You will usually get at least that much. You may get better.

    It may be a good idea to familiarize yourself and get a feel of our system of measurement with regards to miles and galleons if you havn't already done that. Your previous experience in the US though may help you with this.

    Your timing in September is good.

    I would if you havn't already thought of it, consider getting a portable GPS system. I'm not sure what the up-charge is to rent a car with one built in, but I think its something like $15 per day. At that rate since you will be here for 2 weeks it would actually be cheaper to buy a portable one for yourself.

    It might help us a lot if we knew a couple things. . . First of all what your budget is for this after plane tickets are covered. Although we could do it ourselves, it might be good if you could convert the number into dollars for us. The current conversion rate as of this post is $1.60 = 1 British Pound

    Second it might be good to know what kind of things you like to do. Are you really into hiking and nature? Then as someone mentioned the national parks are good. What about history? I'm sure you might be able to catch some battlefields from the American Civil War. Culture/Sports? In September you might be able to catch a game of American football.

    Good luck, hope you enjoy your trip state side.

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