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  1. Default Los Angeles, CA to Vancouver, BC

    I was planning a trip from just south of Los Angeles to Vancouver, BC with stops in San Francisco, Eugene OR, Portland OR, and Seattle on the way, and the redwood forest and santa cruz on the way back. It will be me and my 2 friends and we are all going to switch off driving.

    I was wondering what the minimum time would be to take this trip and be back in LA, because we only have about 8 days, is this impossible? If so would you have any suggestions as to where to cut the trip short.

    I drive for a living so driving everyday if necessary wouldn't be too much of a problem but we would like time to sight see at each destination.

    Also does anyone have any ideas of where to stop and sight see??

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    A very good rule of thumb to follow is to limit your driving to about 500 miles a day on Interstates/freeways, less on minor roads. You should have enough time just to make the trip as it's about a 2.5 day drive from LA to Vanc each way, but this will not allow for too much lingering in any one place. Note that you will all need passports at the Canadian border.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I was also wondering if you knew of any good stops between SF and Seattle, because I wanted to go from San Fran to Eugene or Portland, but that is about a 9-12 hour drive and then from there to Seattle is much shorter drive. We'd rather stop somewhere more in the middle. We wouldn't mind stopping at like a camping site or a city well worth it to spend the night. any suggestions?

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    Via I-5, it's about 800 miles from SF to Seattle. The halfway point is Grants Pass which has a good selection of hotels. If you'd rather take 101, you are looking at 3 days to make that trip, with stops in Crescent City and Lincoln City.

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